I want to start a Childcare/ Daycare business. HELP ME PLEASE?

I want to start a Childcare/ Daycare business. HELP ME PLEASE? Topic: Business information systems homework help
July 16, 2019 / By Kam
Question: My two sisters and I plan to start our own Childcare/Daycare business. We would like to know every steps to take in order to start this business any information would be helpful. This question is for people who knows or have knowledge about this business, Daycare owners or business owners. Thank you:)
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Best Answers: I want to start a Childcare/ Daycare business. HELP ME PLEASE?

Hasshub Hasshub | 10 days ago
Go to your local child day centre and speak to the manager about it who will be more then happy to give you an insight of how the whole system operates. Never rush into anything - you must do the homework - the longer you do the homework the better the business will be. Family business won't be successful, as most do end up in arguments/fighting with one another, business should be professional and i am sure things will go personal and end up with no business. Remember working will children, you must cover alot of wok in that side example abuse - action - etc.
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Hasshub Originally Answered: Need a creative name for my Childcare Business?
First you have to check with the Secretary of State or whatever agency in you state incorporates businesses to make sure that a name is available. Most times your attorney, if you are using one, does this as well as the incorporation for you. Then pick a name that tells what you do, but isn't too "cutesy." Some of it depends on whether you are planning an in-home child care or an out of home child care center. Parents seem to want something with "Early Learning Center" or Child Care Learning Center somewhere in the name of centers because they think children learn more. It's not indicative all the time of what you actually do in your child care business, but it conveys a message that it's not "just babysitting," which none of us do, but it's still a perception many people hold. Some states limit what a n in-home child care can be called, but I would still incorporate to protect my personal assets. Think about what is important to you and you'll find a name that differentiates you from others and yet tells what is important to you for the child care business.

Eli Eli
My library had a book on how to start your own daycare. Consider getting a book if you want to do this. You need to also know about liability insurance and your state laws.
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Cenric Cenric
the state and probably county and possibly city must give special licenses. NOT just a biz license but a license to care for kids. write a biz plan do research luck
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Allyster Allyster
Hope these links will help. http://www.powerhomebiz.com/vol40/daycare.htm http://www.home-based-business-development-center.com/child-daycare.html
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Allyster Originally Answered: What do i need to run my own daycare business?
Start by contacting your local DHS office and ask what the requirements are here in SC. You will normally need to get licensed, and there is always some kind of child to adult ratio, and this will include any children of your own. You may not need a formal certification immediately but I know they were trying to make it that caregivers will all need to be certified eventually. If you take in children from CPS, often you will receive a lesser amount for those children BUT you will gain in getting subsidies for snacks and meals for thos ehcildren, plus often have access to toy libraries and special deals to some educational places. So it can benefit you in ways. I would begin by planning out a schedule of activities, to include free play, outdoor play (when the weather is nice), art, music, story reading, letters, numbers, colours and shapes, and action rhymes (where children do movements to the rhyme - like turn around or touch the ground, etc). I would then plan a series of ideas for each of those sections. Yes, insurance is a must. You also need to abide by state laws regarding immunizations and illnesses. You'll need childproof cupboards, proper fencing, child size tables and chairs, and a minimum of paediatric first aid certification from the Red Cross. I did home day care for many years and it's an incredibly rewarding occupation, but is also extremely stressful at times. You need to decide on the age ranges you are looking at caring for, as 0-5yrs is harder than say 2-5yrs, as you have different needs for babies and toddlers as compared to preschoolers. Email me privately if you have any other questions, [email protected]; I'm in Greenville SC, where are you? Good luck Rose:)

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