Who should I start in the Championship?

Who should I start in the Championship? Topic: Case st. louis
July 16, 2019 / By Hanny
Question: Is my line-up fine, or should I bench anyone in case they get benched early this week? Starters: QB: Cam Newton vs NO WR: Larry Fitzgerald vs Sea WR: Julio Jones vs TB - I don't see him lasting the whole game, but idk RB: Reggie Bush vs NYJ RB: Darren Sproles vs CAR - Doubt he'll make it the whole game but idk TE: Antonio Gates vs OAK WR/RB: DeAngelo Williams vs NO WR/RB/TE: Toby Gerhart vs CHI K: Olindo Mare vs NO D/ST: Miami vs NYJ Bench: QB: Tim Tebow vs KC RB: Kahlil Bell vs MIN, Kevin Smith vs GB, LeGarrette Blount vs Atl WR: Brandon LaFell vs NO (Naanee broke his leg, could have another big week), Demaryius Thomas vs KC (facing Brandon Flowers), Michael Crabtree vs St.Louis TE: Greg Olsen, Brent Celek D/ST: Seattle vs Ari Denarius Moore is also on waivers, I could get him...
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Dolly Dolly | 8 days ago
I'd play Crabtree over Jones this week. The 49ers and Saints are still going for the bye in the playoffs. I'd also seriously consider putting Kahlil Bell in the lineup given what Royster did against the Viking D last week.
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