How to start off my thesis paper?

How to start off my thesis paper? Topic: Thesis of teenage pregnancy
July 16, 2019 / By Hilary
Question: Okay so we're writing a thesis paper for AP English. Mine is on Sex Education and how it prevents teenage pregnancy. I have no idea how to start off. My teacher made us write a thesis statement last week, so I already have that. But he said to try to not use it as our first sentence & to use it at the end of our intro. Here's my thesis statement: Sex Education taught in the school system can help teens realize the consequences of having pre-martial sex and prevent teenage pregnancy. Now how would I start off my paper? Any help would be appreciated.
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Eavan Eavan | 8 days ago
Well introductions in essays usually start off general and with each sentence you get more and more specific (think of it as an upsidedown triangle; broad and then ending very narrow). So start your essay with a gerneral statement and then get more specific about your topic, sentence by sentence. Your thesis statement should be the last statement of the introductory paragraph. You can put in statistics, history, or people viewpoints on the subject in this paragraph, so it all leads down to your key idea. I hope this helps! Good luck!
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Chance Chance
you could start off with a short 'story' or anecdote of how some teen got pregnant & either had to abort or become a teen parent & a couple of negative consequences [psychological, physical, emotional, societal/social, financial, educational, professional...]. or you can refer to some famous hollywood movie which showed teen pregnancy & parenting with disastrous consequences. hope this helps you get started all the very best
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