I have an essay i have to write help?

I have an essay i have to write help? Topic: home essay writing
July 16, 2019 / By Sybilla
Question: I have an essay i have to write about something im learnign about in shop. Wood of course but i dont have any ideas how to write helpp
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Reanna Reanna | 8 days ago
An example, Wood, one of the first building elements that took man out of the cave and into the world. We can shape, split and burn it. Today, from the house to what is in it, the wood we use the most is Pine. The reason we like to use Pine is because it is a soft and easy to use wood. It is used in house construction for the studs. Don't forget that it is also used in the fiber-wood used on the roof. Pine is also used in the making of wooden tables. It can also be used in crafts. Think about some of the picture frames you see on walls. Don't you decorate a pine tree at Christmas? Isn't it the main wood we are using here in the shop? So, Pine wood, a very useful wood. It can be used in homes to make them sturdy. Pine can also be used to make something beautiful for the house. Pine could get you an A in shop class.
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Merletta Merletta
You could identify specific types of wood or metal, the best uses for them, and the best tools or machines to work them. Going from general to specific would be a good approach. And, the best way to start working on an essay is to assemble the references, read them, and highlight the areas you want to use (mark pages with post-its). Then, as long as you are using word processing on a computer, you can start writing anywhere because all you will have to do is cut and paste to get things in the proper order. There should be three sections, an introduction, the body, and a conclusion, presented with accuracy, brevity, and clarity. Recommended sites: http://www.esc.edu/esconline/across_esc/... Nuts and Bolts of College Writing: Effective Quoting URL: http://nutsandbolts.washcoll.edu/quoting...
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Lesley Lesley
You can also search for sample essays written on the subject which you are looking for. Regardless of what people may say, wikipedia is a great place to find information, just double check the info you're getting with another credible source.
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Josephine Josephine
You could write a comparison of the properties of different woods and which one is best for different projects--lathe, carving, etc. OR You could write a simple three paragraph essay about the projects you plan to make. Introduction/projects you plan to make this year/Conclusions
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I do my best writing the night before the paper is due!!! YOU CAN DO IT!!!! YES YOU CAN!!!!

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