How do you get a song you've written on the radio?

How do you get a song you've written on the radio? Topic: How to write a good song steps
July 16, 2019 / By Cedric
Question: Ok, so I've written a song but I don't know what to do next..I know tons of people write songs and then somehow magically some famous singer ends up singing it and it's a hit on the radio...so does anyone know the first step in making that happen? I am definitely not a singer...this is strictly a song that I've written...any thoughts or info is appreciated!
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Allystair Allystair | 2 days ago
Before all this, practice, work First step, copyright. Second step, lawyer. Third step, tons of work. Fourth step, get lucky or pay someone tons or make a friend in the business. Good luck!
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Terrie Terrie
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Rosalin Rosalin
Record it, put it in a package with all of your correct contact info on it and slip it to a local DJ at the radio station, leave it outside their front door every day until they decide to listen to it or mail it directly to whomever is in charge of deciding what hits the airwaves at that station. I'd aggravate the hell out of them, they'd end up playing it at least once to get me off their backs!
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Moreen Moreen
well first you have to like e-mail them or go to there station...or oyu have to become a big star lol
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