I need to write an essay about this, help?

I need to write an essay about this, help? Topic: What does community mean to you essay
July 16, 2019 / By Ewain
Question: Some people say it is best to be completely self-reliant, even to the point of isolation from others. Other people say it is better to be a co-dependent part of a larger community. Which do you think is better?
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Cory Cory | 6 days ago
It is supposed to be a paper about your opinion. There is no wrong answer. you can choose one or the other or as I usually like to do pick a middle ground. If you choose somewhere in the middle you can pad your essay a little by explaining what you mean. My personal opinion is that as a former isolationist both have advantages. You dont really get hurt at all if you isolate yourself, but you never really feel complete, or at least I never did. Now I am trying to be more social and co-dependent and it is hard because people are so selfish but with each step I make I feel a little more human. Hope that helps a little
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Asaph Asaph
Co-Dependent, as you can not only have a social life, but get help with any issues, have Friends that aren't imaginary, interact, and in general be happier than you would be if you were completely self-reliant. Also, think about COMPLETELY self-reliant- you couldn't ASK for a job, ASK for pay, use public/government services,or even use inventions of man, as you'd have to invent your own.! Just another way to think!
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Valary Valary
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