I have a speech tomorrow and im freaking out?

I have a speech tomorrow and im freaking out? Topic: Basket case sounds like
July 16, 2019 / By Valentine
Question: im prepared for it but im sooooooooooo nervous. Im in 8th grade and its a 4 minute speech and im sooooooooo nervous i feel like throwing my laptop and breaking it. I am way too shy talking in front of many people. I also volunteered to go first, i dont regret it i want to go first to get it over with, im also gunna make sure that its really good. ima prepare for 3 hours and 1 hour before the speech. it's a persuasive speech too btw. Any tips?!?!?
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Roly Roly | 8 days ago
ok, don't freak out. i'm a really nervous public speaker, but i don't let it show in my voice. if you need to rip up a piece of paper behind the podium, do it. it'll help calm your nerves. make it an interesting speech. humor is golden. never underestimate the power of laughter in calming the nerves. don't over prepare, though. it'll just make you think more and more about the speech, making you more inclined to vomit. try giving a practice run to your parents or something. grab a couple friends tomorrow before class and make them listen to you. above all, you need to tell yourself how great you'll be. i had to do a 20minute speech last week and i was a basket case the night before. i know it sounds lame, but i stood in front of the mirror the night before, the morning of, and right before class reciting "you're going to do great! hello, A+! you are about to give the best speech of your existence, and you are going to blow away your classmates" try it. you won't be sorry. BREATHE! i hope this helps.
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Mitch Mitch
Do some deep breathing exercises - most professional speakers do this before their presentations. Shake your hands, do some movement exercise . . .just loosen up. Have passion and be confident in what you are talking about. Pretend no one is there. Speak, speak, speak. Speak often. Kill those nerves with lots of speaking experiences. The more you speak the more comfortable you will be with your audiences. It's like going for the "gold." Practice, practice, practice! Know your topic and material. When you really know your stuff, your nerves will lessen. Do not memorize your speech. If you forget a portion, then you increase your stage fright. Just be familiar with your material and have a conversation with your audience.
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