How would I start this essay?

How would I start this essay? Topic: My bad habit essays
July 16, 2019 / By Margaret
Question: Prompt: Think about one thing about yourself that you would like to change. Write an essay to explain why you would like to make this change in yourself. I chose that I would like change how outgoing I am. Like, I wish I was more outgoing. What do you think would be a good opening for my essay?
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Kirsty Kirsty | 2 days ago
Every bad habit is a good habit taken to extreme. In my life, I would like to change my habits from being shy and reserved to showing more confidence. I am more willing, when I am confident, to try new things talk to new people. I want to grow from challenging experiences and a bright spectrum of individuals. Even more, I want them to experience me and be a benefit to the lives and community around me.
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Kirsty Originally Answered: How to start my essay?
The history of the American Veterans is vast and colorful, to not honor those before us who have given their lives for the freedoms we enjoy so carelessly would be a crime.

Jannette Jannette
This is kind of a personal essay, so it is hard to help someone write an opening. This is the best I can do so I hope it helps. Sometimes I wish I was more outgoing. If there was one thing I would change about myself it would be to be more outgoing. People who are outgoing have more fun because it is easier to talk to people, are more confident. I wish I was more confident and could be outgoing when I am around people other than my friends. If it was me that is how I would open my essay. GOOD LUCK!
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Ethelinda Ethelinda
Think of some aspects of being outgoing or euphemisms (ex. social butterfly). try to incorporate that into your first sentence or paragraph. Question: Are you really outgoing or just a little?
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