Will you help me pick a topic for a research paper?

Will you help me pick a topic for a research paper? Topic: Good things to write a research paper on
July 16, 2019 / By Malandra
Question: It can be any topic dealing with human sexuality and reproduction. It is for a biology class. I had been thinking about writing a paper about the HPV vaccine...what do you think? I'm not sure that this is the topic I want to research though...need ideas! Thank you!
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Best Answers: Will you help me pick a topic for a research paper?

Kilie Kilie | 5 days ago
HPV would be a very interesting topic for your paper. Also things that would be interesting would be something like birth control pills, or the 'day after' pill. If you're looking for something less... embroiled in ethics, you could do a paper on twins, STDs, or hormonal sex organ development. It's an interesting field. :) Good luck.
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Jane Jane
I think the HPV vaccine Gardasil would be a great topic it's new and theirs lots of information for your paper. Another subject you could consider is the IUD contraception their are two different types that work very differently.
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Erica Erica
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Cissy Cissy
you can say the Genital HPV prevalence in the United States and you can start going on with the rest. or you can call it the HPV lifecycle..or Cutaneous HPVs
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Cissy Originally Answered: What to do for topic of research paper?
School uniforms are still a hot topic. Bullying in school, the Zero Tolerance Law-is it really effective? That would be a good research topic.

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