Day trip to Milwaukee - public transportation?

Day trip to Milwaukee - public transportation? Topic: People doing homework last minute
July 16, 2019 / By Albert
Question: I'm planning a trip to Chicago. On the last day, I hope to take a daytrip to Milwaukee and catch a Brewers game to see Miller Park (via Amtrak). Flying home from Milwaukee is much more expensive than Chicago. Unfortunately there is a time issue. Game time is 1:05 and the last flight out of Chicago is 7:40 unless I take a more expensive flight. The 3PM train gets to Union Station at 4:30 and the 5:45 train gets me there at 7:15. The latter gives me very little time to get to the airport. How much time do I realistically need to go from Union Station to Midway to catch a flight? According to google, it's about a 10 minute drive from Miller Park to Amtrak but how is the public transportation? Is there a bus or train I can take or will I need a cab? If there is a bus, will they be operating during the game or only before and after? My other options are pay more money to get a later flight out of Chicago or a lot more to fly out of Milwaukee. Any advice is welcome! Thankds for the reply. I know how long a game lasts but I wouldn't mind leaving early as the game isn't exactly a great matchup (Brewers vs Nats). The problem is that I don't know if whatever public transportation that serves Miller Park is available in the middle of the game which could mean I can't take the earlier train. Plus the risk of going standby at night is the possibility of having to wait until the next day for a flight which means paying for a room at a hotel and also taking an extra day off. It's an extra $150 to book a later flight and maybe double that to fly out of Milwaukee.
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Syd Syd | 7 days ago
Take Amtrak. There is a shuttle bus that takes people from the train station in Milwaukee to the ballpark and back. Amtrak will cost you about $42 round trip. The shuttle bus is free. Assuming this is an average game, it will last about two-three hours or so, meaning it will be over at 3:00 and some change. But there is a train that leaves Milwaukee at 3:00. You may have to leave before the game is over and take a cab back to the train station (not sure if the shuttle buses start running again until the game is over). You've done your homework and found out it's about a 10 minute ride from the ballpark to the train station, so take that into consideration (also add in some traffic time in case you stay for the whole game and leave with everyone else). The train gets into Chicago at 4:29, plenty of time to take a cab or even an el train to Midway for a 7:40 p.m. flight.
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Reba Reba
Best info I can find says that the adverage 9 inning baseball game last 3 to 3 1/2 hours. Your game would be over around 4:05 - 4:35p. If you want to try to see the whole game then the 5:45 train is your only choice. My best advice is to take a later flight out of Chicago. Ask about flying stand-by and you might save a little money at the cost of not knowing 100% what fight you will be on til the last min.
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Merlyn Merlyn
Unfortunately, you will not make it to Midway if your train gets in at 7:15. With no traffic a cab ride is about 20 minutes to Midway, but Union Station is very large so it will take you time just to get out and get a cab. If you are going to take the 3pm train you can definitely take public transportation to Midway, but you will miss a lot of the baseball game. To take the el to Midway, walk east to the Quincy/Wells stop for the Orange Line. It only goes in one direction and ends at Midway. The ride is about 35 min, and trains come about every 10 min.
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