How do you start writing a rap?

How do you start writing a rap? Topic: How to write a rap song about love
July 16, 2019 / By Lynda
Question: I'm 13 and Hispanic I can rap but I just can't write them. Please take this seriously cuz I love rap and this is what I wanna do! Please give me steps on how to start writing and if you want give me a couple of subjects or a couple of your own raps. Really just anything. Cuz right now things are just really stacked against me. Thx
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Kaylie Kaylie | 10 days ago
Hey, I rap too. Usually when I begin a song I listen to a beat first, find out what the meaning of the song will be, then start thinking of stuff. I make my own beats, so finding one obviously isn't a problem for me. If you don't produce, you could look on YouTube for a beat. There's tons of them, just make sure there's no words in it so you can concentrate on what you're saying. Also, you want to consider if you'd rather write or type your lyrics. I like typing my lyrics, because I can put everything faster without losing my train of thought. Writing takes too long for me. But if you'd rather write then go ahead. If you have an iPod touch, you could type in the Drafts section of your email, then go to your iTouch and read it from there. Rap is about saying what you want to say. Don't try to become an exact copy of another famous rapper, just be yourself. You could make a club track if you really want to, or write a more serious song on a topic that is important to you. Just make sure that you don't stack everything on one side. Mix it up. It's not bad to make a party song every now and again - how else do you think everyone gets on the radio? Keep it balanced between what you what to say, and what everyone else wants to hear. Final note..... DON'T MAKE UP STORIES!!! It makes you a fake rapper. If you build a fan base and you lie in a song, people will find out. One way or another, they'll find out. Then none of your other songs will be taken seriously because people will think you're constantly lying. Hope this helps. I typed a lot hahaha. Oh, and Adrianna, "gravy" is a term for something that doesn't matter to you. So when he says those lines, he means, "The Nets could go 0-82 and I look at you like, I don't care." That's why he says "don't s**t phase me." Read between the lines a little, jeez.
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send your stories to authors that deal with the subject of the story. take a true story like in the news or in your life and add fiction to it. start with a short story and redo it into a long story or even blend some short stories in a novel.

Huldah Huldah
First you have to get a beat, one that's somewhat catchy. Rap doesn't have a regular beat, so if you write the words and just start singing, it usually falls into place. Most rap is very fast, with more than 60 words per minute. Creativity plays a big role! And good luck. =)
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Edwena Edwena
this is a somehow a difficult question to answer...every rapper has his own methods/ways to write a rap song...first u should check out some other rappers lyrics and see how theyre written...u just have to think for a theme u wanna write it could be real from ure life or someones else life or it could be a story u made up...my opinion is u write real stories...well say u got shot for an example...u start something like [email protected]! I got shot OR a [email protected] shot me OR a bullet through my body(kind of stupid)...another example lets say u got many problems and sh!t....my life is [email protected] up i got many problems OR a lot of sh!t on my mind cuz i got a lot of problems OR [email protected] problems never end i deal with one and another one pops out......u just write in the begginin and after it comes natural.....well these arent lyrics rhymes or sh!t but i just wanna explain to u there are a lot of ways to start a rap if u know what im sayin....hope i helped cuz before 2 years ago i had the same question how to start a rap..i had my lyrics but didnt know how to start the song...hope i helped..peace!
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Charlene Charlene
My advice to you is not to rely on others so pathetically. If rapping is what you want to do then you need to find the best way that works for you, not try to learn something from others that doesn't come by example. My second piece of advice is to watch 8 Mile. You could probably learn something from B Rabbit. My third word is this: rapping is different than singing or songwriters because it is essentially spit-fire rhyming. The most important thing to remember, even more so than the end-rhyme, is the time. Rap, as you know, is heavily influenced by the beat, especially the bass. If you can't make your lyrics match in tempo then you need to match the incongruous lines match the tempo or the beat of the music. That is why, if you are going to write your raps, the first and most important thing to be done is to find a bass beat and set your tempo. Lastly, just like any other song, raps can be about anything. You could rap about the morning sun or the midnight moon, a pig in the city or the love of your life. Most rap artists rap about their real-life experiences, just like most songwriters, but that doesn't need to be a rule. The fact of the matter is, as long as you have the vocabulary to describe your object of inspiration in many different ways, you'll do fine. Truthfully, most people tend to rap about things they've experienced firsthand because it is easier to describe, like telling a story. However, it is not impossible to do otherwise, it just takes a considerably larger vocabulary. That being said, there are movies out there which give examples of what happens when people rap about things they know nothing about... personally, I wouldn't advise doing so. On a final note, if you watch 8 Mile you'll see that rapping is also a pretty spontaneous thing. You can't just sit down and pull a rap out of your *** and put it down on paper because you've got to feel it first; you've got to feel the beat like a heart, letting the rhythm surge the emotion of a thought or experience so much until you can taste it on your tongue and name the flavor. When you can describe that flavor ten different ways then you know you've got a reason to rap. Putting it on paper is just a matter of being so moved by it that you can remember it long enough to write it out.
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Ariadne Ariadne
It depends on if you want to write a rap about something that actually happened to you, or if you just wanna make up words that rhyme... Most big rappers, like Lil Wayne, just jot a whole bunch of stuff down that rhymes. But it doesn't really mean anything. And I love lil wayne, but honestly he isn't a real rapper... Pretend your writing a poem, or a story. Heres an example of a crappy rap. It sounds good, but the lyrics have no meaning... This is the first verse in the song ****** In Paris by Jay-Z and Kayne West.. So I ball so hard mothafuckas wanna fine me, first ****** gotta find me What's 50 grand to a ********** like me, can you please remind me? (Ball so hard) This **** crazy, y'all don't know that don't **** faze me The Nets could go 0 for 82 and I'd look at you like this **** gravy See, that part about gravy..? Wtf is that. it makes no sense.. so, first thing you need to do. Is write a little story about something, it doesn't have to rhyme.. The story has to be at least 1 page full. It can be something you made up, or something that really happened. After you finish writing the story, add a beat to it... Then, once you get a feel of how your rap is going to be, start replacing words in your story, with words that can rhyme. But make sure it makes sense... That's the best way for a beginner to write a rap....
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Zalmon Zalmon
For the best answers, search on this site https://shorturl.im/axmn8 Go buy a dictionary and a thesarus, and pick out all the rhyming words, and jumble them over top of a drum machine. That seems to be the only talent needed for that noise.
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Sib Sib
Yo you gotta experience what it is like to be a gangsta u feel me? U gotz to practice dawg, and go hard.. peace!
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