How do I start writing?

How do I start writing? Topic: Learning how to write papers
July 16, 2019 / By Benji
Question: Okay, so I've been putting a lot of thought into becoming a writer. I want to write a book, story, screenplay, or comic book. But how do I start writing? How can I improve on my writing?
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Abe Abe | 7 days ago
Hi :) It *is* really tempting to give a smart-**** answer like, "Pick up a pen... get some paper..." But no. So, from what you said I guess you want to write something fiction? Then, think of characters, think of a plot. They are what essentially make up a story. There's no particular order in which you have to consider them, I get my characters first, then the plot, but it's perfectly fine to do it the other way around. How do you do that? Just... let it flow. I always struggle with plot, but somehow inspiration strikes. If you want, google random plot generator. They're all pretty cliche, but it should give you some ideas. Characters are easy for me. You're just making up an imaginary person. How do they look? What qualities do they have? Strengths? Weaknesses? Boy or girl (perhaps consider this one first, lol)? Once you've got these two elements (and things will change in them, so don't expect things to be set in stone), plan things in more detail. Or don't. If you like planning, then plan, if it doesn't work for you, then don't plan. Sometimes when I plan I feel like I'm reciting off a list when I come to write the thing, which isn't exactly good. I plan the world my book's set it, and the plot in more detail. As you plan, you'll get a feel for your book, how you want the scenes to play out. And then you have to start writing. Microsoft Word or pen and paper, whatever. Start writing. If I tried to tell you everything I've learnt about writing it'd take up too much space. (Oh my GOD, how cocky did that sound? That was unintentional). I just meant, instead, I'll you things to avoid in your book (or whatever you decide to write): - Info dump in the first chapter. Let the reader learn with your characters. - Showing emotions makes the scenes become more alive than telling us. Telling in a novel is definitely used, and is effective. Some things are better shown, though. The only way you're going to improve is if you actually write. Start with a sentence. And carry on. (You can always edit).
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Abe Originally Answered: What is the best way to start writing books Help?
send your stories to authors that deal with the subject of the story. take a true story like in the news or in your life and add fiction to it. start with a short story and redo it into a long story or even blend some short stories in a novel.

Shona Shona
All you need to become a writer is a pencil some paper and a brain. I have also recently started writing, I am in the middle of a story now. What i found helpful is to read a lot of whatever you are interested in writing yourself to help gain creativity and ideas. Just make sure you don't write a story too similar to anyone else, I've found myself accidentally doing that as well. Other than that just keep an open mind and try to find a topic that interests you cause your not gonna get far by writing things you are not interested in. Please tell me if you publish any stories on the internet or anything. I look forward to reading your work. Good Luck! :) <3
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Petunia Petunia
You should check out this awesome article that addresses how to be a writer: http://www.litbridge.com/2012/07/05/how-... I think there is far more to the process than simply just taking a pen and paper and writing. Any person can write, let's face it. There is a ton of competition out there. If you want to be a serious writing then get involved with the writing community. Don't just sit at home and write. Meet other writers, critique the work of others, read stories from a similar genre, go to writing conferences, attend a festival and simply be involved. From there, not only can you write, but you can start developing yourself to be a good writer, with quality and publishable work. It's not about focusing on the end goal of page counts and a complete book, with publisher deals, but about the journey towards getting there.
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Marlie Marlie
um..i guess the best way for u to start writin is with a good black ball point pen, preferrably on high-quality white paper.
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Lacey Lacey
hold a pen in ur hand nd write wat ever that comes in ur mind or write about something that is happening in front of u put ur imagination into it nd u will do fine :D
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Lacey Originally Answered: Please help. I need help on a fanfiction I'm writing but I don't know how to start?
Well, considering that you already have the basic idea of what's going on try planning how long after the original story you want to start and what interesting plot the characters are taking place in. For example's sack, just pretend that you're writing your fic ten years after the end of the book/show/movie/ etc. Make sure you ask yourself, would so and so say this? Is that something she/he would do? Do the characters sound believable? Make sure you track of these things. As for the actual introduction in the story, try just starting off with the setting and what's going on before you randomly state that two characters who hate each other in the book are now happily married with seven kids.

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