What cellphone should i buy From Tmovile? (10 points best answer)?

What cellphone should i buy From Tmovile? (10 points best answer)? Topic: Times jobs application for mobile
July 16, 2019 / By Damiana
Question: http://www.t-mobile.com/shop/phones/ help me choose i dont really know what to pick my told me ha can buy me Nokia 5610 or the Samsung Behold , or any other , i just want a phone that looks cool , and like to put mp3 music . help me choose
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Blythe Blythe | 8 days ago
Since I work With cell phones Id Defiinetly Go With the Samsung behold Because of its Cool Touch screen,Good Camera And Also For Music And Feautures,Heres More info over the behold: GeneralBuilt-in devices Camera, Digital player Cellular technology WCDMA (UMTS) / GSM Band / mode GSM 850/900/1800/1900 (Quadband) / UMTS 1700/2100 Weight 4 oz Wireless Interface Bluetooth Standby time Up to 300 h Combined with With digital camera MemoryPhone Book Capacity 2000 names & numbers PhoneCall features Caller ID Service provider T-Mobile Vibrating Alert Yes Voice Recorder Yes Speakerphone Yes Polyphonic Ringer Yes Alarm Clock Yes Calendar Yes Multi-language Menu Yes Additional Features AGPS, Intelligent typing (T9) Digital CameraStill image resolution 2560 x 1920 Digital zoom 4 Digital video formats MPEG-4 Features Multi-shots PDA FeaturesFlash memory installed 180 MB Synchronization With PC Yes Synchronization With MS Outlook Messaging / Data ServicesVoice Mail Capability Yes Short Messaging Service (SMS) Yes Internet Browser Yes GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) Yes JAVA applications Yes Mobile Email Yes Messaging Services MMS WAP Protocol Supported:WAP Protocol Version WAP 2.0 Digital Player / RecorderDigital player supported digital audio standards AAC, MP3 Digital player/recorder type Digital player DisplayDisplay Type LCD display Display technology TFT Display Resolution 240 x 400 pixels Color Depth 18-bit (262000 Colors) PowerBattery installed Lithium ion Talk time Up to 300 min Audible Battery Alert Yes CellularPhone style Candy bar Call Divert Yes Call Barring Yes Call Hold Yes Call Timer Yes Caller ID Yes Call Waiting Yes Volume Control Yes Ringer Control Yes Conference Call Capability Yes Computer Link Yes Physical CharacteristicsWidth 2.1 in Depth 0.5 in Height 4.3 in Antenna Integrated. The Samsung Behold reminds us quite a bit of the Samsung Instinct. It's not quite smart enough to be an iPhone clone, but it's still a good phone in its own right. In fact, in terms of call quality and calling features, it's a great phone. But Samsung still hasn't nailed the touchscreen interface. In some areas, like the QWERTY keyboard, they've done a great job, and it works well. In others, like the home page widgets and the problems we had with scrolling and moving through lists, the problems make using the phone a real chore. The phone has a very nice music player, but lacks a standard headphone jack, which seriously hobbles its potential. It uses fast networking on T-Mobile's new 3G network, but the Web browser lacks the deeper options needed to unleash its full potential. It's a flawed device, but not fatally flawed, and hopefully Samsung will work out most of these TouchWiz UI kinks as more of these phones come to market. Release: November 2008. Price: $200. Pros: Responsive screen. Great call quality and calling features. Fine music player. Cons: Scrolling issues hurt using the interface. Widgets might not work at this size. Web browsing and video player both mediocre Design - Good The Samsung Behold is the first phone on the U.S. market to follow up on Samsung's promise for more TouchWiz phones. We saw a version of this UI on the Samsung Omnia that we previewed back in July, though that phone ran Windows Mobile, while this is a more of a standard multimedia not-as-smartphone. It's an all-touch phone, with only Send, End and Back buttons on the face. A lock button on the side locks the screen and keeps the phone from making calls in your pocket. We like the hardware lock button, it's a bit more convenient than a finger swipe (though not as chic). The most important thing we ask for on an all-touch phone is a responsive interface, and for the most part the Samsung Behold delivers. We had some trouble with the way TouchWiz is designed, but no trouble with the screen registering our taps and swipes. We were also impressed by how quickly the phone responded to being tilted on its side. The orientation switch from portrait to landscape mode was very fast, even when the phone had to switch from a 12-key to a full-QWERTY onscreen keyboard. Our problem is mostly with the widget-based home screen on the TouchWiz UI. There just isn't enough space on the 3.1-inch, 240 by 400 pixel screen for a useful collection of widgets. Maybe one or two, but the TouchWiz interface seems to assume you'll want a whole bunch. There is a collection of widgets in a drawer you can hide, but if you start to drag them out of the drawer and leave them lying around, they soon pile up. Literally, the widgets start to overlap and get stuck beneath the drawer. We had trouble opening and closing the widget drawer because the Samsung Behold isn't very good at dragging. You tap a tiny tab to close the drawer, and drag your finger up and down in the drawer to select widgets, then drag them out to expand them. Unfortunately, dragging present a problem in TouchWiz. Actually, dragging and swiping are almost a deal-breaker on this
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