I need help with an essay?

I need help with an essay? Topic: Writing a beliefs statement essay
July 16, 2019 / By Kelley
Question: I'm writing an essay on The Puritans, for the past three hours i've been trying to think of an introduction to start off my essay but i have know idea what to write. The essay is just on who they are and what their beliefs are. I'm jsut not sure of how to start off, especially what i could write as the first sentence and for what to write as my thesis statement. if someone could please jsut help me it would mean a lot! thanks so much!! :)
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Isabel Isabel | 5 days ago
Ask a question about englishmen and their want for a church that wasn't corrupt. Like "What does it mean when the Head of State and Head of Church were the same person?"
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Elfrida Elfrida
I would recommend that you read a lot about the Puritans before you write your essay. This should help you come up with ideas on a basis in which to write. In simple terms, a Puritan was a person who was associated with any religious group advocating more purity. This took place in the 16th and 17th centuries in England. You could write something like this for your thesis: "The Puritans were people who lived in England in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries who were part of a religious group advocating for more purity of worship and doctrine." That sounds like a good thesis to me. That should be the basis for your entire paper. It's not too specific, yet not to vague. It's just perfect.
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Cheyenne Cheyenne
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