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July 16, 2019 / By Neile
Question: i am doing some homework for world history. i'm having trouble coming up with some answers to last question on my homework. its about chinese civilization in the way beginning like when it was first starting out. and the question is asking... since the civilization grew so big what are some policies and technologies that would help control and unify the large civilization. so if you have some ideas that would help with this that would really help. and if you need anymore details just ask.
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Lotus Lotus | 1 day ago
WEB SITES ON ANCIENT AND MODERN CHINA http://www-chaos.umd.edu/history/toc.html http://webtech.kennesaw.edu/jcheek3/china.htm http://www.kn.pacbell.com/wired/China/hotlist.html http://www.cumbavac.org/Ancient_and_Modern_China.htm Many dynasties in Ancient China lasted for hundreds of years. But the Qin Dynasty lasted for only 15 years. Yet, First Emperor Qin accomplished an amazing amount of change. More… http://china.mrdonn.org/index.html http://www.historyforkids.org/learn/china/history/chin.htm http://www.kidspast.com/world-history/0129-qin-dynasty.php
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Marcus, why do you believe this nonsense? It's embarrassing. It's like the French claiming that the Romans were French and that Rome used to be in France. lolololol. So Koreans claim Chinese writing was invented by Koreans? Well, I have heard that certain Chinese claim that Koreans make this claim, but I have yet to meet an actual Korean who says this. If Koreans really claim to have invented Chinese writing, do you realize what that really means? It means Koreans spent untold centuries inventing thousands of characters that are not only terribly difficult, complicated, clumsy and intellectually taxing, but pretty much useless for writing down their own language, because the language Koreans speak is totally different from Chinese. And then, when they were done inventing it all, I guess they just handed it over to the Chinese because it was much better suited to writing down the spoken languages of China anyway? And afterward, I guess the Koreans set about inventing a whole other writing system, one that is superbly simple, easy and logical, and a perfect fit for the Korean spoken language... right? That's what you're saying, if you claim that Koreans claim to have invented Chinese writing. Now, does that make sense? When you think about it rationally, it's pretty stupid, isn't it? Maybe there are some crazy crackpots in Korea who claim everything came from Korea, but there are such crackpots in every country, including Japan and China. Intelligent, rational people do not take such foolishness seriously. Are you, Marcus, such a person?
Lotus Originally Answered: Why do Koreans like to steal Chinese/Japanese history? Seriously? What is the matter with them?
I've experienced many of these types of Koreans, in which they've told me they invented Chinese characters, (漢字), that Jeremy Lin had "Korean blood" (ikr), they invented the compass, gunpowder, and 'medicine', that Confucius was from Korea, and that they "owned" China before, and much more nonsense not worth talking about. No doubt they're just making a fool of themselves -- and I'm not saying all Koreans; just some. I agree with goodgood about the nationalism and all that, and I 100% understand the irritation when they say this. By the way, do they even know how to Chinese Characters came to be? 尖, which means sharp, contains the word 小, or small/tiny, and 大, or big/large. Small and thin at the top, big and thick at the bottom. Makes sense, right? I know way more than this, but this is just an example.
Lotus Originally Answered: Why do Koreans like to steal Chinese/Japanese history? Seriously? What is the matter with them?
Ok, its a big world and every country and each single person have influenced by the other culture nowaydays, as a Chinese i am very proud that people appreciate and share our culture with Love and Peace. However, you dont claim the culture heritage (those are no doubt from China) are KOREAN S. Oh we korean invented this, created that, Confucious is KOREAN...You dont lie on your children s face like that, now we know its obviously a big joke, but the next generation or after that people may take it serious! This is how history get distort, so YES it is stealing!! Let s just face it, China has 5000 years of history, and we love to share with a big heart, but culture thieves are intolerable, GET YOUR OWN CULTURE!!!

Kathlyn Kathlyn
Mao Change China, however he murdered tons persons. Even at present the wealthy get richer, it is constantly the deficient who suffered essentially the most.The international is corrupted regardless of underneath what executive
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yea the last 2 essays were not as great as the first, i think i did well however. definitely easier than my teacher made it seem!
Kathlyn Originally Answered: AP world history exam- anybody else take it?
The essays for me were easy, especially DBQ which took up most of my time. I ended up writing like 4 pages on the DBQ lol. The racial ideology, I just talked about creoles, slavery moments (slave revolts in Haiti) and like interaction which led to social and political movements. The silk road was kinda common sense, it was just all cultural diffusion and interaction through trade. The multiple choice was difficult; I ended up answering a mere 50, while randomly guessing on about 6-7. Overall, I think I got a 3, maybe a 4 if they curve it generously.

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