How to run cross country?

How to run cross country? Topic: Cold case songs playlists
July 16, 2019 / By Roslyn
Question: i have got cross country soon and i suck at it.my legs seem to go numb and weak and i get out of breath quickly. can any help or suggest anything that will help?
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Nadia Nadia | 4 days ago
Steps # Start slowly. In the beginning, don't tackle seven miles in a single run. Start with two or three and work your way up. For novices, runs longer than 10 miles will hurt you, for more experienced runners, more than 16 miles in a run will do more harm than good. # Run with a group!. This cannot be stressed enough. If you're in high school, join your school's team. It's extra important to find people of a similar skill level, so you can push and support one another. A coach is helpful too. # Always warm up and stretch. A warm up should be a couple of laps to a couple of miles, depending on how long you have been running. After you have warmed up, stretch. Stretching will prevent or lessen your chances of injury. # Do different exercises. Make a schedule for yourself and make each day different. On one day, do your long run to improve your stamina. On another day, do some hill repeats. # Always Post Stretch It is more important to stretch after you run than before you run. Stretching after you run prevents injuries. # Do push ups and sit ups every day. This will strengthen your upper body, which is also vital in a race. Start with fifteen push-ups and twenty-five sit-ups and work your way up. # Become friends with your cross country team, even if it seems like they hate your guts..you're a team, and you'll really like each other. Tips * Some people prefer to start out fast. By starting fast, you will end up running ahead with the top ability level runners, and there will be less people in front of you, which is both encouraging, and prevents you from being boxed in. but taking off too fast is a very bad thing to do. For every second you take off too fast in a race you lose 3-4 seconds on your over all time. You should try and find a good race pace for you to use and every race make your race pace a little faster. * Keep thinking, "It doesn't matter how I feel now because it will all be over soon." * Keep consistently training because if you let yourself drop, you'll be sorry. * In the late fall and winter it is cold outside which is not motivating and you may drop, so go to your local fitness center and run on the track or treadmill. * It helps to run with music to take your mind off the pain, like an iPod. Make a playlist for cross country consisting of upbeat songs to make you run faster. Avoid running to the beat if it's too slow. * Alternatively, think about your running pace. Learn what it sounds like. Focus on the sound of your feet hitting the ground. Then, think about your breathing. How many strides does it take to complete a cycle of breathing (inhale and exhale). Think about how your breath and stride sound and fit together. When you really know this sound, concentrate on the rhythm to help you ignore pain, keep up your pace, or have something to reflect on. * On the verge of giving up? Think of a song in your head and mentally hum it. * Listen to music when you run. * Drink lots of water to stay hydrated. However, don't drink too much before running, as it will often cause cramping. * Bring a banana to eat after a workout or race. The sugar in the banana will be quickly absorbed by your body, restoring your energy. Also, the potassium found in bananas will help prevent cramps. * If you must practice on roads try to stick to the grass or the road shoulder as much as possible. It's easier on your joints and safer for you in case of a fall or an oncoming vehicle. If you live in an area where grass or road shoulders aren't available, work out on a track, and see about visiting a local park a few times a month for a change of scenery. * Varied workouts are key to having fun and maintaining your motivation. Even if you like slogging 12 miles a day for a practice, mix it up! Change routes if you run on roads, run laps around the town park or playground, or play games like tag, capture the flag, or deer and wolves in place of sprint workouts. Obstacle courses can also be fun and you can scatter workout stations like push ups or squat-thrusts between the obstacles.
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Loren Loren
You haven't given enough Information on your ability are you a beginner ? Have you ever run cross country before? If you a beginner you will have to start slowly as you don't want to burn out before the end of the race. Running cross country is harder than road running. You'll have to take shorter stride lengths but this means you have to increase you leg speed. The only way to improve is just to do more running do more hills in your training sessions. Relax while running, don't focus on your breathing too much your body will naturally pick a rhythm it's happy with. Running isn't easy you have to train your body but your body learns quickly to training and you will improve. There is also a link you may want to read up on http://www.wikihow.com/Run-Cross-Country
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Kate Kate
This Site Might Help You. RE: how to run cross country? i have got cross country soon and i suck at it.my legs seem to go numb and weak and i get out of breath quickly. can any help or suggest anything that will help?
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