The NRA statement to Arm Schools sure does show Spending Priorities?

The NRA statement to Arm Schools sure does show Spending Priorities? Topic: law school statement
June 17, 2019 / By Alec
Question: Just a few months ago during election time there was talk about cutting public education because it's too expensive, the better families don't even use public schools anymore, and that all public education is turning into is a place to educate blacks and illegals for the most part socialistic dogma and secular no prayer in schools creating generations of new atheist to hear the conservatives tell it. All in all, public school are socialistic programs that cost too much money. Now all the sudden, to change the conversation from gun control after Sandy Hook, we have all these conservatives not just eager, but excited to add all kinds of new spending to make sure all schools have armed guards/teachers around the campus. Now all the sudden their kids are in danger, and any kind of spending is okay for that, but not for any kind of socialistic program. Who is the Obama in the room now? Great answers. My favorite so far is how our teachers can barely teach, yet we want to entrust these same teachers with real weapons, and then in not so many words call them evil socialist. Does anyone else see the irony here.
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Talullah Talullah | 3 days ago
Many schools in the US have police officers assigned to them aren't they the same as armed guards..... In a not perfect world only the good guys would turn in their guns and we would be helpless and at the mercy of the bad guys.Too bad we will never know if a police officer was assigned to that school how many lives could he have saved. Drugs and drunk driving have been against the law for years and that does not help. We could use the money we give to countries that hate us,our children are more important!!
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Retha Retha
Because conservatives actually care about the lives of our children instead of using a tragedy to push an agenda which we have already seen fail(the first AWB). Stop putting personal agendas first and actually consider what would be good for our children. A policy proven to fail or one which has been shown to be effective. Figure out what percentage of mass shootings have taken place in gun free zones(hint:100%). Funny how Libs are so much against this policy and forget that the idea was first introduced by the clinton administration. I keep hearing about how the guard will go crazy and shoot all the kids yet we haven't disarmed the millions of police officers walking our streets.
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Mikayla Mikayla
It's worse than that There are about 100,000 public schools in America If you put 20 uniformed armed guards in each on who do nothing else all day But walk a small beat -because remember when seconds count you don't want the armed guards to be minutes away -you effectively turn our public schools into socialistic big government armed camps
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Lexy Lexy
It's the NRA's big bright idea to do this, so they can keep guns that can kill 26 people in two minutes, so they should fully pay for it, not taxpayers. Just like a car, truck, motor cycle or boat, every year we pay a reregistration fee, license fees and insurance fee on them. To pay for roads and keeping the water ways clear and insurance if we have accident. It should be exactly the same with guns, to annually pay for security guards by annual registration fee annual license fee to operate a gun, and annual insurance in case the gun causes an injury or death. It's against the law and a criminal offense to drive a unregistered and uninsured car, unlicensed. It should be the same with gun. Also a point system should be brought it too, caught drunk using a gun loose your license to operate a gun. Not having locked up and secure loose points off gun license. Just like cars if have two you pay rego and insurance for two cars to be on the street. Same with guns own ten you pay registration fees for ten also insurance fees on each of them. The money has to come from somewhere so annual registration fee's on all guns, just like a car. It's only fair, I don't own guns why should I or anyone without a gun have to pay for security guards. If there were no guns there would be no need for security guards.
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Julianna Julianna
What part of wasteful spending do you liberals not get? We spend more money on education, yet the teachers can barely teach because they can't get their hands on the funds......it goes to the Administrative heavy school systems. Putting money directly on the safety of children is never a bad idea and try to make that a Conservative sin - you should be glad that people are investing in their safety. **ADD: Liberals don't read - it says "because they can't get their hands on the funds" they can't get the tools they need - I have never advocated that we arm teachers. Dumbass.
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