How does pop instrumental (piano) music become classical music?

How does pop instrumental (piano) music become classical music? Topic: How to write a piece of music on piano
July 17, 2019 / By Aleck
Question: What I mean . . . Everyone knows Yiruma's River Flows into You, right? So I was wondering, will it be considered one day Classical? A Nocturne or such? What differs it from other piano music? It's loosely considered as classical music now isn't it? But clearly, it's just pop (saw it on its genre). Why is it so?
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Tameka Tameka | 4 days ago
Simple answer: It doesn't. whether a piece is 'classical' or not has nothing to do with the instrument it is played on - nor by how many years it has been since it was written. Rather, it is a question of style, complexity and musical language. 'River Flows in You' is barely music at all - it is crass and simplistic in the extreme - it is cynically manufactured instrumental pop, designed to appeal to teenage girls because it is 'pretty'. You are wrong to suggest that this piece is 'loosely considered as classical music'. Just because ill-informed people CALL it classical, that does not mean that it IS. Ask any regular contributor in here and I think you'd get the same answer: NOT classical and NEVER will be.
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Tameka Originally Answered: How do I learn to start collecting classical music Cds?
Be aware that there are lots of cheaply produced cd's out there, often using little-known musicians and ensembles, and the sound quality may not be very good. You might not notice, but you will get much more out of a great performance and recording. BIS is an excellent label with the richest, most crystal-clear sound that I've come across, although their cd's can be expensive. Also: Deutsche Grammophon, Telarc, Harmonia Mundi, Sony, Philips and EMI. Naxos is sort of hit-and-miss, sometimes excellent, sometimes not so much but their cd's are cheap and they have an enormous selection. While looking through cd's, if you see the same names of conductors, ensembles and musicians popping up frequently, these are more than likely highly acclaimed performers that are probably safe bets. Just try to avoid buying their performances on really obscure labels. As far as pianists go, Murray Perahia plays excellent Bach & Chopin, probably my favorite. Glenn Gould is considered the standard as far as Bach performances. For orchestras, you really can't go wrong with the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra. London Symphony Orchestra is also great, as are many others. Jordi Savall and his ensembles are my favorite for early Baroque and Renaissance music. Read reviews of cd's that interest you and listen to samples on sites like Amazon and eMusic, but trust your own ears more than the reviews. Keep in mind, however, that the sample clips will be of considerably lesser sound quality than the cd itself. Also, listen to classical radio and write down the names of composers, works and performers that you like. You'll probably enjoy other works by these same names. Your library may have a selection of classical cd's that you can check out, I've discovered some great ones this way. This site has some good info for people looking to start up a collection: http://www.classical.net/music/rep/metho...

Rexana Rexana
Classical music may not survive much beyond the next generation ... particularly not when the people who espouse its supposed superiority are rude and condescending. Why would anyone want to be like that? Or like anything that someone like that likes? But to answer the original poster, what we call classical music typically conforms to certain requirements that define types of music. For example, a symphony, a concerto, an opera, and other classical pieces have certain structural requirements ... though these vary somewhat depending on the time period. I don't know the piece you describe, but I'll venture a guess from other descriptions here that it is simply a song that may feature certain instrumentation that is classical sounding. If it is still recorded and loved in 100 years, it will still be just a song that is classical sounding. Like ragtime music has been enjoyed for nearly 100 years, but it is not classical and won't become classical. It will just become older.
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Mikki Mikki
I feel you are using the word "classical" when you actually mean "classic". The term "classic". can be in almost any genre. It just means that the piece retains some popularity over time. Tony Bennett's "I Left My Heart in San Francisco" is considered a classic because it still retains some popularity, however it is not "classical" nor will it ever be. Classical music is a completely different type of music. How long does a piece of music need to ber around to be considered a classic? I don't know, some music just rides off into the sunset and you never hear them again, others seem to maintain their popularity. Will Yiruma's River piece become a classic? I agree with Malcolm D and Del, I doubt it. I hope not, I personally canot wait to for it to fade away completely. If I never ever hear it again, it will be to soon.
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Liana Liana
I have been a musician for over 30 years and I have never felt that rock music was less respected. If so only by people I could care less about in the first place. Music is what it is, if you enjoy it and it makes you feel good that's all that matters. I mean really...who cares about what "people think", you play or listen to what you love and that's the only way to be true to yourself.
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Julianne Julianne
It might eventually become neo-pop classical. However the genre classical specifically related to a period in time from approx 1735 or 40-1800 or a bit later. Classical music as a GENERIC term is a term which applies to Symphonic music, opera, masses, motets, sonatas, concerto, solo Piano, Piano accompanying one or two instruments, art songs, string quarters, trios, duos, octets, etc, and chamber music
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Julianne Originally Answered: Where can you pay to have someone write piano sheet music?
There are people who do that for a living. But they aren't the ones to ask, because they know its illegal. They would effectively be making an edition of someone else's music and selling it for a profit. So its a form of copyright infringement. Someone who really did it for a living wouldn't do this because they work for composers and they respect those laws. I mean, unless they paid for the rights to do it. But that might be more than you were expecting to pay. There are plenty of amateur sites where people make files like this and share them.... but its still illegal! Even if you dont charge. So a public forum like this isn't the place to post the links. There seem to be a lot of people on youtube who work out how to play a song and post tutorials where you see their fingers. Some of them take requests...

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