How Do I Write A Opening To My War Story?

How Do I Write A Opening To My War Story? Topic: How to write a story with dialog
June 17, 2019 / By Alf
Question: Quite recently, I have been having an idea to write a war story set in modern-day New York, where a private known as John Richards and a squad of other soilders (who I am still thinking of their names) are battling terrorists in the "Battle of New York". Trouble is, I cannot think of a opening. If someone could give a few idea's, that would be great :)
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Tamika Tamika | 9 days ago
You could start off with one of the battles. Like the scene. You could start by describing the scene from someone's point of view. You could start with a newspaper describing that a battle has begun. Dialogue of some people talking about the battle or about them joining it or something. You could start with someone watching a news story talking about it. A news reporter covering the battle. Terrorists begin the battle. 9/11 (if it's a part of it) (you could change it up, you could use 9/11 but you could make it like it was planned so it leads to the battle right then and there) Something along those lines. I love the idea. Keep writing! :)
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Tamika Originally Answered: What do you think of the opening to my story?
Wow! Good writing. Check your punctuation. You should be indenting every time you change speakers. Lack of proper paragraphs will soon confuse any reader. Silent, ready, deadly are powerful words, but they're in the wrong place to open your story. Your hook is strong but gets lost in the first paragraph. Do you want to use, I, for your main character? Or would it be better to use his name in the beginning? I kept with what you are doing, but I think it would be better to use...Raven's eyes lock onto his target. Kill Lord Damon Holt before someone notices, says the assassin inside of him. Just a thought... My eyes lock onto my target. Kill Lord Damon Holt before someone notices, says the assassin inside of me. I reach behind me to the quiver on my back and pull an arrow free from its soft leather fletching. Bow held steady, I knock the arrow into place with practiced ease. My left arm pulls up as my right arm pulls back, and the bowstring goes taught. The plump old man standing in front of me is a dead man. That's why Hunter and I are here. Holding my breath, like I do before any kill, aim is taken and... Hunter grabs my arm, pulling my bow down with it. "Wait!" He points in the direction of the door. I release my breath slowly. A tall, muscular guard stands watch and turns his head in our direction. "Has he seen us?" Hunter and I drop into the brush. "I doubt it. He would have shoved Lord Holt out of the way and shouted for others." Hunter glares at me. "Next time be more alert!" he whispers. "Your haste could have gotten us caught!" "You're right. Sorry, Hunt." Hunt grabs my shoulder and squeezes. "I'll sneak round to the front of the house, hassle one of the servants to draw off the guard." He looks at the guard who is now bent over and talking to Lord Holt. The old man is nodding his head. "Wait until the guard leaves, then kill him fast and run. I'll be right behind you." Your dialogue is bogged down with words that don't feel like real conversation. Real dialogue moves faster...more to the point...especially now in your story. They're under pressure to get a job done and obviously in a hurry. Make it feel that way by what you show me. I noticed you're using present and past tense. You can't use both. I kept with present because that's how you began your story. But I think it would be easier and less confusing for you to write your story in past tense. See if you can tighten your dialogue. You've got a good start here. I'm not trying to write your story for you, but your hook needs to involve me immediately. Give me a reason to keep reading your book. Show me something I can't resist. Create an immediate problem. Don't build tension, then release it too quickly. Keep writing. It's coming along great. You need to work through what I've told you. Good luck. for more about me: betweenthejackets.blogspot.com

Rhianna Rhianna
Johnny was a typical boy, till now he became ravaged via the conflict. He grew up in his fatherland and in no way knew existence bypass the line he lived on. His mom and dad have been pressuring undesirable Johnny to do something along with his existence for years. Johnny regrettably had no theory what to do along with his existence, so upon graduating he joined the army. He spent the subsequent month in a boot camp, till now he became shipped over seas, opened the door, have been given on the floor, actual every person stroll the dinosaur.
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Rhianna Originally Answered: I really want to write a story, any ideas on what to write about?
Me too! OMG! I started in 6th grade when my friend got me a diary for Christmas, but i didn;t want to use it as a diary so i wrote my first story in it (Which was very corny, and I really wanted to plagarize lol) So i started free time for thinking, whenever i was bored, i'd think. I'd see a movie and be like, "God, if they did this, the movie would be much funner" then I'd use that idea and grow on it. So mainly, all i would do is listen to music, and watch movies. It really sets off your thinking. try to think of a scene when listening to music, and while watching movies, think of how the movie could be more interesting. I hope this helped, since I just gave you like a lecture, not topics, lol. But if you're a beginner, I reccomend writing about, say moviestars or something, and belive me, you'll get better. It took me three years so become better and even now, i'm not like the best. Also, research a bit. You don't want your stories to sound totally fake. Hey, and you could email me some stories too, when you begin, and i could help you, and you could read mines! Here's my email: [email protected] P.s. i dont care if anyone else sees my email, i am so excited to find a person i can relate to!
Rhianna Originally Answered: I really want to write a story, any ideas on what to write about?
Why not expand into memoirs, essays, or article styles of writing? I used to have the opposite problem where a short story would end up being HUGE and without end, so now I envision the beginning, middle, and end and manage pretty well.

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