Im I at fault here?

Im I at fault here? Topic: The worst case scenario book
June 24, 2019 / By Alfrid
Question: I've been studying books about Karl Marx and Che Guevara and other communist rules and contries since the 9th grade. Now I'm in college. Personally speaking I love the way communism works and think it's for a good cause. Yes i do know the cons about it to. I consider myself a communist believer and suppourter but my family don't approve of it. My mom makes me feel like the bad guy, my dad makes me feel like I'm stupid, like I don't know what I'm getting myself into. So do my brother's and sister's, they hate what I approve it. So for the answers I'am looking for...do you think I'm at fault here for being a communist and believing in communism. Or do you generally think my parents are at fault for not relizing what I really am? P.S, Please no negative comments or I will delete your answers. 10 points! Yes, I see where your coming from...but look at our economy. Where behind other countries...lack in jobs and education. So...i would disagree with your answer..But i appreaciate you speaking your opinion. But you never answered my general question. Thanks homestar, I respect yopur answer and it do seem like you know what your talking about...so I will deffiently take your advice about counter arguments...thanks.
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Tamsen Tamsen | 4 days ago
You're totally entitled to your opinion, and although I dissagree with you on this one I'm not here to tell you your wrong. Don't forget, Karl Marx and the rest of the "party" were very intelligent people too, however theories are only theories until they are practiced in actuality. If you really want to do the educated thing (which it seems you are on the right track of currently) look into some of the counter arguments to what you believe/think. In a worst case scenario you will realize where you were wrong and grow through it (which looking back is I'm glad for, as I've been there many times), and if you're right, you can strengthen your beliefs with knowledge and counter-counter arguments.
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Nothing's your fault, hun. You sounds like a really great person. She needed to understand that you have to deal with your own life too, not just her problems. You told her and she refused to understand, so you had to do something before you messed your life up. You have to focus on yourself too. People who try hard to fix everyone else's problems at the expense of solving their own are never really happy. You deserve someone who will listen to what you have to say too. Your friend may have had issues with keeping friends in the past. But that doesn't mean that you should let her ruin your life to make her happy. You care about how you made her feel, but you can't back down. You need to be able to focus on what you need to do. It's hard not having anyone to talk to about what's going wrong with you. You need to be able to talk about whatever is bugging you, to get it out in the open. Talking things out really helps. So you need to find someone, even if it's someone online, or yahoo answers.
Tamsen Originally Answered: Is it really my fault or i did the right thing??
Sounds like she gets rejected a lot, you get neglected a lot and you two not only had a lot in common, but could sense each other's loneliness. She just held on harder than you (probably in direct response to rejection), that's all. Maybe you both opened too much too soon. It's ok. Now she's behaving more bitter than perhaps you would if the tables were turned. You're getting to know her. If you still want to be friends, you need to make that very clear to her because she may not understand that. You also need to firmly take up for yourself. You don't seem to deserve the reputation of being a bad friend, so don't let someone create that for you. What is your fault? I don't know enough to tell you exactly, but it certainly sounds like a miscommunication.
Tamsen Originally Answered: Is it really my fault or i did the right thing??
You are a good friend and person and just because you need to be selfish at times and focus on yourself does not make you the bad person that girl is portraying you to be.Maybe she does not understand that not everything is about her,that yes you listen but at the end of the day you also have your own problems,you also have to study and if you do not study you will flunk your finals or do poorly.I for one go to one of my closest friends and confide in her and she confides in me even when she is stressed out or has 3 tests in one week,a presentation and 2 papers but I help my friend by getting her breakfast and cutting her slack.If she really cared about you she would wait until you would be done studying then ask you to listen to her because that is the proper thing to do. I do not believe that she is mature enough and just because she is the one that got rejected or was told the truth which she cannot deal with she acts like a child.This person will act like this and treat every other person like you until she has no friends or people who will listen to her mark my words because she is one of those people that you cannot trust.If she really wanted to be trusted then she would not be mocking you or making the arrogant comments in regards to how you do not care for those who care about you and how you treat people like dirt.I guess it is her who does all those things and is turning and saying those things to your face to make you mad.Let it go and move on because she is not so worth it and is not mature enough to have a person like you in her life. As for your own problems and how you listen to everyone yet no one listens to you I know that feeling.The true friends are rare to find and those are the people who will listen to you be it day or night trust me.I had so many called "friends" and now I cute that number of people to 10 or so close friends whom I can call night or day and who will be there for you.Find out who your true friends are and talk with them because they are the ones who will listen to you.You get rejected as well because you feel as though no one cares to hear what you have to say even though you listen to everyone else and that feels hurtful but there is nothing else that you can do.People are people and if they choose not to help you then you cannot force them. I wish you the best.

Richarda Richarda
Okay you are not at any fault for your beliefs different people have different views, I personally am not a communist but I do not think they are completely wrong, you either have to change your views on politics or suck it up and take your family's,friend's and a whole array of other peoples crap. If I were you I would go with the latter.
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