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June 17, 2019 / By Algar
Question: I only have Pokemon Soul Silver. 1) How do you get a Kanto starter? I have all 16 badges, Zapdos and Moltres, but I haven't beaten Red yet. I also don't know what to do right after you get the 16th badge. Do you have to beat Red in order to get a Kanto starter? 2) I saw Whitney and Jasmine talking about contests in Sinnoh, and I have the Fashion Case. Is it possible you get to go to Sinnoh or are able to participate in Pokemon Contests at all? Those were fun... 3) What's a good strategy to capture Mewtwo in Cerulean Cave? I used my Master Ball on Lugia and Ultra Balls on Moltres & Zapdos. My main Pokemon Team: Typhlosion - Lvl 66 Snorlax - Lvl 50 Moltres - Lvl 50 Zapdos - Lvl 50 Red Gyarados- Lvl 45 Lugia - Lvl 54 **I DON'T USE CHEATS!!**
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Tamsyn Tamsyn | 6 days ago
1) After you beat the Pokemon League and Trainer Red in Mt. Silver you go to Prof. Oak and he will give you the Kanto Starters 2) No it isn't possible to go to Sinnoh but you are able to catch pokemon from the region if you tune your radio to the station that plays the sounds from Sinnoh music 3) Metwo easily falls with a combination of sleep/confusion or paralysis/confusion. If those fail Mewtwo has really one physical psychic move the rest, if I remember correctly, are status moves. You can try to wait out those attacks and then try status ailments if he's too strong for your pokemon or just throw lots of ultra balls at him
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Minnie Minnie
1) in order to get a kanto starter, you have to beat red. talk to professor oak, afterward and he will give you one. also, if you talk to steven in sliph co, he will give you a hoenn starter. 2) im sorry to say its not possible to participate in sinnoh contests 3) first off, mewtwo is lv 70 so i would train your entire team to atleast lv 65-70. secondly, inflict it with a status (paralyze or sleep). finally, bring many different types of balls and use different ones each time.
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Lilita Lilita
1) Beat the Elite four again. 2) Possibly I was never into Contests 3)Ultra Balls are going to be your best bet. make mewtwo sleep, and paralized, and use spells that bring down his atk/def
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