Has anyone else noticed this?

Has anyone else noticed this? Topic: Independent reading research article
June 24, 2019 / By Alic
Question: Ex-Jehovah's witnesses normally only answer questions about Jehovah's witnesses. And ask a lot of questions about them. And most are private users and or stay Anonymous? I mean they call them a cult and evil and worshipers of Satan. Would they not want to stay away from them? It's like they don't want to leave.
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Tanner Tanner | 9 days ago
I am a former Jehovah's Witness and although I answer a lot of questions about this denomination, I seldom ask questions about them. Also, my Yahoo account is open for inspection. No need to hide behind anonymity. Yes, from my experience being brought up in this organisation, I accuse the leaders of cultish behaviour in the way they manipulate the membership and punish people who don't obey them. I invite you to read the article in the link below about how some denominations manipulate and abuse their members. However, I have never, ever said they worship Satan. Jehovah's Witnesses are decent, caring and sincere people. I have no argument against individual Witnesses. As for why I answer questions like this about them, it is to make Witnesses stop and think for themselves. It is to challenge them to do some independent research, to look into the history of this organisation and to start to ask questions. Almost 19 years ago, I became a Christian and just as Jehovah's Witnesses are obsessed with exposing "false religion" you could say that I am also obsessed with exposing the scholastic dishonesty of the men who lead you and who demand your unquestioning obedience and loyalty. Belonging to an organisation will not save anybody. Only belonging to Christ Jesus can save you.
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Rika Rika
I'm an independent Christian baptised as a Jehovah's wittiness. If you ask any question about god jesus or the bible . I'm going to give you a real bible answer. Jehovah's wittiness have their problems as do all religions. I do not hide my name. I don't spend my time bashing on Jehovah's wittiness or any others Atheists gays budist Muslim. We are all created by the same god no matter what you call him or believe. I'm no longer interested about pleasing an organization so I can be pleasing to Jehovah.. I'm interested in helping as many fellow humans as I can to be interested in god.. I don't care were they are from what color they are. If I can encourage them toward god I will. I don't compromise with sin if your doing a bad thing I'm going to tell you straight that god won't permit that in his presence. This ex Jehovah's wittiness if you want to call me that doesn't play favorites or enemy! Feel free to ask me and I will do my best not to feed you garbage.
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Mira Mira
I've been on this site for over seven years and I can assure you that only a small number of ex-JWs major on JW questions. I actually know quite a few ex-JWs, some of whom are participating on this site. Most of them have made their accounts private to stop JWs reporting their questions and answers and harrassing them. And most of them are blocked by a lot of JWs on here. I personally answer Qs on a wide range of subjects but because I care about the great spiritual danger JWs are in, I sometimes answer Qs about them. Somebody needs to point them to Christ as their only hope for salvation, you see. They need to have their eyes and attention taken off their organisation long enough to make them think about why their knees have never bent in Jesus' name, to confess Him as their Lord and Saviour. They need to think about why Jesus died, if not to enable 144,000 people to get to Heaven, or to atone for their personal sins. Their beliefs about what Jesus' death secured are so similar to Mormon beliefs, they ought to be worried. It's not that they are evil, or Satanists. It's just that they have been deceived.
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Lillian Lillian
Anyone can answer and post questions on yahoo. And anyone can chose to be anonymous or not. Just as long as we follow the guidelines. I think its just you.
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