Any tips for moving out?

Any tips for moving out? Topic: Messed up case still got job
June 24, 2019 / By Alik
Question: Im 18 and a freshman in college. I got an MUI a few months ago but i have learned my lesson since. It was a stupid mistake (we all make them) but otherwise i am a good kid. I made mostly As in high school (like 2 Bs no Cs) and have a 3.4 GPA as i have just completed my first semester of college taking a full load of courses (15 credit hours). After i got in trouble my mom grounded me for 6 weeks and i still have a 12am curfew (i'm an adult for crying out loud). She constantly calls me a dumbass for what happened and still likes to belittle me and be condescending toward me whenever she can. But she is my weak point, i cant seem to stand up for myself whenever she does this. Iv had enough of it and the only way for me to overcome this is to move out and get my own place because this is her fear since Im the youngest of 3 and the only one still living at home (she hated when my sisters moved out). I have $1500 saved up and just recently started a new job. I will be going to school 2 days a week and will have another seasonal weekend job that pays pretty decent from march through may then again september through november. I am great at managing money (I am a finance major) but i need an idea of how much i will need a month to live off of minimum. Keep in mind that i never shop for anything (clothes, fast food, gadgets) unless it is a necessity as i am a real cheapskate, but i will have no problem spending money on living costs. Any tips for starting this new chapter?
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Tanzy Tanzy | 1 day ago
Equality is a dumbass. You are a legal adult because you are over 18. Apparently he/she does not know what the word legal means. All I can recommend is finding a cheap but comfortable home. Have you thought about living on campus? It's not exactly the most independent thing to do because you're still surrounded by your peers, so you're not exactly living out there in the big bad world, but it's a nice stepping stone. If campus is not an option, then find a cheap apartment. Figure out what you make a month, and budget. Put aside what you'll need for rent, food, and other living expenses. For example, let's say your place is going to cost your $800 a month, plus food...let's say that's an extra $200 a month. If you're going to have a phone, TV, and internet throw in another $100. So for all of that you will need at least $1100. Remember it is ALWAYS good to have extra money for your savings and/or an emergency. So if you need to find a cheaper place in order to have some left over money then I definitely recommend that. Everyone messes up their first time when it comes to moving out because it's your first time...so don't be surprised if you run out of money or something else...lol, which is why I also recommend leaving on good terms with your mom in case something happens.
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Tanzy Originally Answered: I need tips on moving out of my Mom's house?
Dude really - wooooooords! How many people do you think will really read this?? Pack your shizat, rent a uhaul if you do not have a truck & move out :)
Tanzy Originally Answered: I need tips on moving out of my Mom's house?
We moved even as I used to be eight mos pregnant and guy it used to be tough! I did not do a lot except unpack plates however nonetheless. Your son will have got to alter, whilst i used to be three monthes ancient my father and mother moved me to a brand new apartment and that i became out all right. Have anybody else percent. Have him sleep within the new apartment, the packing can get dusty.

Rimon Rimon
You don't need $5K in the bank as the last poster said (although it certainly can't hurt). But most likely you will need to make at least 3-4x the rent. So if the rent is $500 you will need to be making $1500-$2000 a month in order to be approved. Since you are 18 you can sign the lease agreement, but with no prior rental history, unless you make over the amount you need then you will probably need a co-signer. I'm guessing your mom probably won't do it, so maybe ask one of your sisters. If you can't make the required amount with your two jobs, and you can't get a co-signer, you should look for a roommate. Then the required income would be spread among two people so neither one of you would have to make as much. Aside from that, you need money for utilities (electricity, water, gas, and trash at a minimum - you may also have a car payment, phone, cable, insurance, etc that you would need to factor in, as well as money for groceries). The amount of those will really depend where you live, so maybe you should contact one of your sisters and ask what they are paying to get an idea of how much that stuff is where you live.
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Miracle Miracle
Legally you are NOT an adult since you do not support yourself. An adult would know they need at least 5k in the bank and a full time job to support themselves and pay for Medical insurance. No landlord will rent to you without your parent cosigning the lease
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No matter how far you are moving they charge by the hour and your driveway space and number of stairs. If you are having them pack for you that will be a charge. We have done both professional movers to different states and local movers. A local move is easier and much cheaper as they will charge you by the hour but you need everything properly packed and ready to go. Locals will still charge you for access so you have to ask if they do. We just did a very small distance move of around 16 miles with a great local company that did not charge extra for stairs and long driveways for well under $1000 for a huge home of furniture but our previous interstate moves were always around $10,000. So do your homework and call around. Your move is a short distance. You should be able to work out a deal.

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