Is there any complaint I can file on my manager?

Is there any complaint I can file on my manager? Topic: How to write a legal letter to landlord
June 17, 2019 / By Allan
Question: My sister and cousins came to visit and while they were leaving the apartments my apartment manager came out and asked if my guy cousins would come back,because she did not like how they dressed and they that they look scary.And she added that we do not like those kind of people around here. My cousins are 16 and 17 year old boys and dress in baggy clothes,they are not in gangs or anything and they were not loud.
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Best Answers: Is there any complaint I can file on my manager?

Tara Tara | 3 days ago
Let it go this time but make a note of the details, including date, time, location and what was actually said. Should it occur again, then write out a business-like letter that is courteous but firm stating the inappropiateness of the comments that are being directed towards your guests. If the landlord chooses to repeatedly do this then you have a right to complain that your right to peaceful enjoyment is being violated. In other words a landlord cannot disturb unnecessarily nor interfere with your right to have guests over or verbally intimidate them or hassle them. If this is in apartment manager then he is working for a management company or the landlord directly. Send your letter to the manager and a copy of the letter to either the landlord or the manager's supervisor stating that you will have to take legal action if the manager's does not refrain.
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Rio Rio
If you're dealing with a management company as opposed to an owner/landlord then you could complain up the management tree. That could be difficult to determine if there is just the one person at the office. If they are just an office employee or you know how to contact the owners directly then you could write a nice letter to them stating what happened and that you felt it was inappropriate and fosters a hostile living environment. Other than that there isn't much you can do.
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Miriam Miriam
Sorry, but you have no valid complaint. Management is allowed to select who can and who cannot enter the premises. While this is discriminatory, it is LEGAL discrimination. Tell your cousins to dress differently next time they visit.
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