Adobe certified?

Adobe certified? Topic: Case study interview help
June 24, 2019 / By Allaric
Question: I just took the adobe certification test and pass it by 100pts.(i scored an 800) what can I do with it?
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Tate Tate | 5 days ago
Apply for jobs?, or study more and get more certifications. But to be honest certifications don't really help as much, they might get you to a interview (In my case i haven't gotten a interview yet). Its just luck if you get called for an interview or not. I am CCNA and CCNP Route certified, going to do my CCNP Tshoot & Switch soon. But even with what i have done so far, i haven't gotten a single Networking job interview. I will keep upgrading but i feel like i am wasting money and these certification exams are not small amount money, they do cost a lot. Good luck for the future i hope going on the Adobe side helps, because on the Cisco side its very tough.
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Tate Originally Answered: What is some useful information about Adobe Photoshop?
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Rita Rita
How to say about this? Bt I think that own the certification in your hands is a basic gate for you to get a interview according to the society. If you wanna be good in Adobe i thin that you can go for adobe certification continue. More certification exam materials you can get from http://www.killtest.es/Adobe/
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