Is my intro for this essay okay?

Is my intro for this essay okay? Topic: Ideas for cause and effect essay
June 17, 2019 / By Allaster
Question: In 1835, Kingston Penitentiary was built as the first prison in Canada. The installation of this prison was a huge change in Canadian prison system and as the years went on, changes continued to occur. The changes caused the Canadian prison system to progress into a more humane system in Canada. Through the previous state of the prison system, the current state, and the factors that have caused these changes to occur, one can see that it truly has become a more humane system. does it sound okay? THank you :)
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Best Answers: Is my intro for this essay okay?

Tawnee Tawnee | 7 days ago
Your wording could use some changes. For instance you could change the first line to, "...was the first prison built in Canada." The last line does not really make sense. Maybe something like, "Through all the various changes the prison system has become more humane." "One can see" and words to that effect give the reader the idea that you don't think much of the readers intellectual ability so you will tell them the conclusion that they need to make.Instead just state your conclusion.
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Robbie Robbie
I just have to say u got homewOrk on ur christimas break!!!! But any ways I think it's an okay starting :)
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Robbie Originally Answered: Help me make my intro paragraph longer?
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