In interview for programming are you allowed to use internet?

In interview for programming are you allowed to use internet? Topic: How to write a reference from internet
July 16, 2019 / By Alleric
Question: As a front end programmer there is so many things that you have to master you can't stick with one thing...not only there too many in fact they are constantly changing as well. And there is always a better way to do something then what you have come up. Or at least looking at a problem from other's perspective gives you creative new ideas. All it comes down to being programmer is that you CAN do something meaning you know where to look up, how to look up, how to correctly understand the code written fast and then come up with the best solution for your own problem sometimes it includes copy pasting plus modifying but most of the time it's to get the direction people are choosing. This saves tremendous time as you could be headed in a wrong direction and then realize way later that this is not going to work out. Now if you were doing only one thing then you would know by memory some of it. But that's not case, and even then you would have forgotten some of the gotchas...But if you look it up the gotchas, sample starting code, and other useful information would be presented along it. So my question is are you allowed to use google to look up documentation, references, and even stackoverflow. I am going for interview as jquery developer.
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Tayler Tayler | 10 days ago
Almost always the answer is no. Especially at an in-person interview. You can be a good programmer but a bad interviewer...it's not fair but that the way it is. A lot of time they won't quiz you on very language/platform specific stuff, but are more interested in how you approach problems. There are a lot of good books you can read to prep for a programming interview.
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Robina Robina
In an interview you go with your head only - unless someone asks for specific examples of your past work. Programming is not about knowing every little detail, it's about putting things together in a proper way - much like building a house out of bricks - and being able to find solutions when you need to. You are an architect, not a coding monkey.
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