What is an affirmative action essay?

What is an affirmative action essay? Topic: How to write a perfect act essay
June 17, 2019 / By Allerick
Question: I'm supposed to write one and I have no idea what to do or write about. What should i do? And what is an affirmative action? Can someone tell me some information or give me steps on what to do!?
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Taylor Taylor | 1 day ago
Print this. It is my own words and you have my permission to use any or all of it. The AA Legislation is a perfect example of unintended consequences in legislation. AA has resulted in discrimination, for you cannot favor one group over another without discriminating. But, AA has had the most damaging effect on those whom it was designed to help. Here is why. No one can deny the abundance of whispers and questions attributed to AA in schools and workplaces across America. We have all heard them. It matters not how skilled, how competent, nor how qualified the applicant who benefits (?) from this legislation, AA still lends a very certain legitimacy to these whispers and questions which both detracts and subtracts from the true merits and the dignity of the applicant. The question will always remain of whether an applicant achieved a position due to his/her own qualifications or simply due to an act of legislature. And, only the ending of AA can serve to silence the background noise resulting from the whispers. Equality cannot be legislated. Equality is an idea which flourishes only in the hearts and minds of those who are willing to share it. The underlying statement of Affirmative Action is that the beneficiaries are NOT equal and therefore need "special help" and that somehow, we should expect a lessor level of performance from them.
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Taylor Originally Answered: What are your opinions on affirmative action?
Honestly, its a load of ****. You've got those Republican kids bitching about this all the damn time. 25 cents for Natives Americans? what an insult; I've been paying my own tuition, my Ma is still paying off student loans, and my brothers have to work HARD to keep scholarships. We don't get it handed to us, my other siblings use their GI Bills, do they get that for free too? So yeah, its hogwash, horse ****, bull crap, there are a thousand things I can call it. But why waste my time, apparently they've got the Whites all up in arms over these preposterous myths, why would they listen to one Indian?
Taylor Originally Answered: What are your opinions on affirmative action?
I believe affirmative action is an insult to minorities, and a danger to society as a whole. I wonder how many supporters of affirmative action want an affirmative action surgeon operating on them, or want to be defended by an affirmative action attorney. Those minorities who have earned their positions will always be tarnished, and associated with, those who were rewarded because of their ethnicity. The time for whining about slavery, and the accompanying entitlement attitude, has long passed. Too many minorities have achieved the American dream for those who would use race as a crutch and excuse to have credibility.
Taylor Originally Answered: What are your opinions on affirmative action?
if these people wanted to demonstrate how things really worked they would have to make sure the wheat to make the cupcakes was grown on plantations built by black slaves on lands stolen from native americans, then harvested by hispanics for next to nothing and then baked by asian children in sweat shops. as for native people they would then have to make us give them oil rights on what little land that we still have in return for a cupcake and then never give the cupcake to us while telling everyone else how they give us cupcakes for free. isn't truth fun?

Robynne Robynne
It's called an advantage simply because of your race, gender, religious beliefs, or sexual orientation. You get something for nothing and displace those who really deserve what you got under affirmative action.
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Robynne Originally Answered: Do all school implement some form of affirmative action?
No - It's not even an issue. I'm with a private school, and we accept all applicants, regardless of location, economic status, etc. I don't think many schools, other than those in large, metropolitan areas with significan minorities in the inner city even think about it - but then I'm not in a metro area.
Robynne Originally Answered: Do all school implement some form of affirmative action?
In one case study a group of parents supported by the Chinse American Democratic Club (a right wing group) filed a lawsuit against the San Francisco school district for discriminating Lowell applicants on the basis of race. Lowell High School, according to the article from ColorLines, is a magnet school in the Bay Area and is seen as the open door to higher ed. Before the precedent of affirmative action was revered, there was a great fear that the high school would be dominated by Asians and whites. Read more about the debate:

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