Help calculating my grade pleasee?

Help calculating my grade pleasee? Topic: final research paper
June 17, 2019 / By Allgar
Question: research paper is worth 30% exam 1 worth 20% exam 2 worth 20% final worth 30% my grade on the paper was a 74% exam 1 was 90% exam 2 was a 96% and the final a 80% can you please show me step by step how to calculate my grade so i can do it for all my other classes pleaseeeee and thank you i really appreciate it.
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Teal Teal | 2 days ago
take your exam 1 mark and multiply it by 0.2 - since it is worth 20%. So 90x0.2 = 18 - this means you got 18% of your final mark out of a possible 20% exam 2 mark and multiply it by 0.2 - 96x0.2 = 19.2 final exam mark and multiply it by 0.3 - 80x0.3 = 24 and research paper mark and multiply it by 0.3 -74x-0.3 = 22.2 now to find your mark in the course, add these all up 18+19.2+24+22.2 = 83.4% this is a very good estimate of your final mark. congrats
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Rona Rona
(74 x .30) + (90 x .20) + (96 x .20) + (80 x .30) = 83.4 make one a whole number and the other a percentage (decimal) and multiply the comparable ones and then add them together
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