Day208: Obama QUADRUPLES Bush deficit, DOUBLES unemployment, Dow down 30% since Nov election. Is Obama great?

Day208: Obama QUADRUPLES Bush deficit, DOUBLES unemployment, Dow down 30% since Nov election. Is Obama great? Topic: X media research
June 17, 2019 / By Allistir
Question: CBO Estimates Obama deficit to hit 1.8 TRILLION: http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/graphic/2009/03/21/GR2009032100104.html I KNOW HOW YOU FACT LOVING LIBS LOVE LINKS! After causing the financial collapse through Fannie Mae issued loans now the Democrats expect us to TRUST THEM with healthcare?! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y4A0RuXhnQA FACT: Bush Deficit after TWO wars, 9/11 attacks, and Katrina was $400 Billion FACT: CBO estimates the deficit will hit $1.85 TRILLION (yes with a "T") http://finance.yahoo.com/news/Federal-deficit-higher-in-apf-3876319127.html?x=0&.v=5 Retail Sales Drop: http://finance.yahoo.com/news/Retail-sales-unexpectedly-dip-apf-2840598402.html?x=0
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Best Answers: Day208: Obama QUADRUPLES Bush deficit, DOUBLES unemployment, Dow down 30% since Nov election. Is Obama great?

Tera Tera | 7 days ago
The only problem with your facts are that the Left-Leaning Media is taking them and spinning them in such a manner that it appears that they are nothing more then misinformation being generated by the anti-0bama forces! And add to the conundrum is the fact that too many of our fellow Americans are not willing to do a little private research that will allow them to see that the media is lying to them, but like you've pointed out the facts are there for all to see.
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Tera Originally Answered: Do you people really think Bush was better than Obama?
"Well let's see now, Bush started TWO unjustified wars, Afghanistan and Iraq, did not help our people in need(I.e. Hurricane Katrina), sent America into the highest unemployment rate on record , and an unpayable debt where we have to bail out CEO's of our banks. How pathetic" Wow. Please tell me this doesn't represent the average Obama supporter. 1) The war in Afghanistan was unjustified? Yeah, I guess 9/11 was just a little prank. No big deal. 2) As for Katrina, a president can't just send in troops to aid a state. They have to have been asked for help by the governor. Guess what city's mayor and what state's governor waited a couple of weeks before seeking federal aid. 3) Did he really have the highest unemployment. I suppose that unemployment stayed under double digits during the Great Depression, right? Yeah, too bad unemployment has continued to climb under Obama and after his stimulus. In Ohio, it is now over 10%. 4) Yeah, that unpayable debt that Obama has continued to add to threw massive spending. "Just the fact that Obama has taken our troops out of Iraqi Cities is an achivment Bush wouldn't even dream of accomplishing" Wait, you mean the pull out of troops by June, 2009 that the Bush administration arranged a year ago. Way to give Obama the credit. What a fine argument. It is sad. I never though I would see the day when I would actually wish Bush was still president.

Ronnette Ronnette
the $1.8 trillion you speak of is a deficit in the budget. our real debt is closer to $61 trillion and I'm not sure if that includes the interest. the fed alone gave away $8 trillion and it won't say to who, we will have to pay that also. the numbers that get published are usually wrong and it is getting very difficult to really find out what the hell is going. we used to have a media that was a watchdog for these kind of things, but it looks like they have been compromised also. I do not trust both parties for they have both taken us down. the only thing we can do now is vote them all out. I wonder if they are going to let us have an election. we'll see.
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Monica Monica
Yup, he has made such poor decisions, and continues to do so but his numbers are slipping rapidly as people start to see how little he knows and how disastrous his ideas are; how much they will impact the freedoms we have come to love and how much we want to have him out of office!! He is the worst President the Nation has ever had!!
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Linzi Linzi
You can fool some of the people some of the time, but not all the people all the time. ( I fall into the latter category)
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Kandace Kandace
If you hate this country then yes he is great. However if you love this country then no he is the worst thing to ever happen to our once great nation.
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Kandace Originally Answered: Why is it the thing I disliked most about Bush ( monolithic executive power ) is openly Obama's modus operandi?
There are a few problems with your thesis. 1) You think Bush lacked decisive MILITARY commitment to ending terrorism? What did you want? Nuking the whole Middle East? Bush's problem was lack of a proper INTELLIGENCE response to the problem. So that being the case, Obama has made it clear that he does not intend to perpetuate Bush's response. Of course, intentions and actualization of the intentions are two different things, but Obama has been president for a month. I don't think we can form conclusions. 2) If Barack Obama did not provide strong, decisive, specifically-directed leadership out of the White House as we navigate our way out of the fiasco Bush and his party created, he'd be criticized, for being weak, do-nothing, and ineffectual. I have to say, I never thought Bush would be a good president, but I gave him quite a bit more of a chance to show me who he was and what he could do than so many Republicans and professed Independents and uncommitted voters are giving Obama. I think the volume of posts I'm seeing bashing Obama as president when he's been in office for a month are bizarre. Honestly, why would any American want their president to fail? He fails, we suffer. Why would anyone want that? UPDATE: Well, I can't address you by your user name because I don't feel like I'm talking to a person when I say it, but... I will grant you that even as a military response, Bush's approach was inept, but arguably, not because it was indecisive as because it was negatively decisive. I don't think we have seen what Obama will do in that area yet, but I agreed with his stance on Afghanistan and Iraq during the campaign and I've seen no evidence that he's changed that position. Last time I checked, leadership was for any president and/or CEO of any organization or business. Understand that you have Democrats in Congress wanting to move the country in a radical new direction (of which I approve for the most part) and Republicans in Congress who are so terrified that they've mishandled their party into irrelevancy that they've become obstructionists purely for the sake of obstructing. I couldn't believe it. One week after Obama was elected, CNN was reporting one Republican figurehead after the next criticizing every single thing Obama did, from Cheney saying that Obama was wrong to move to close Gitmo (could he possibly not know that nobody cares what he has to say and he has zero credibility?); to some bafoon, I don't even recall who, criticizing Obama wearing rolled up sleeves and no jacket in the Oval Office. If a president does not provide leadership while some try to forge a new direction and others obstruct purely for the sake of ambition and political manipulation, we would get nothing done. Civic involvement is great and as a former Marine, nobody could criticize the level to which you've been involved, but I wonder if you're not a little quick to just write off every leader/government of our country as being paintable with the same brush. I have good friends who voted for Obama who are already doing the same thing.

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