How do i start this compare and contrast essay?

How do i start this compare and contrast essay? Topic: How to start compare and contrast essay intro
June 17, 2019 / By Allystair
Question: i have to do this compare/contrast essay on Martin Luther King and Mahatma Gandhi and i honestly do not know how to start i mean i do know how to start an essay but i really need a strong intro this is a part of a project that im working on and its due on friday so if youve got any ideas please say so thank you
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Terrie Terrie | 3 days ago
"Throughout history, people have risen up and lead others in a movement to change things they felt needed to be changed. The leaders who are remembered for doing this most effectilvley are those who led peaceful reblelions, as opposed to those who resorted to violence. Two examples of this type of Leader are Dr. Martin Luther kIng Jr. and Mahatma Gandhi who, though they faced different obstacles, were ultimately very similar. ps be sure to say MLK Jr...his dad didnt really do anything so the JR part is important
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Terrie Originally Answered: How do i start a compare/contrast thesis?
Well, it's kind of hard to give any advice without more details, but here are some tips. First, you want to choose a couple of things to focus on. So, for example, you could compare/contrast the writing styles of two authors. Then, you need to be even more specific like how does one author use metaphors compared to how the other author uses it. Lastly, find a thesaurus and use some fancy words (but don't go overboard, the wording shouldn't be too esoteric or no one will understand your thesis) to make the thesis sound more intelligent. An example: In Novel A, Author A uses metaphorical language to augment his overall theme of while Author B uses metaphorical language only to depict scenes in a more vivid and interesting way. Okay, that thesis kind of sucks, but you get the point.
Terrie Originally Answered: How do i start a compare/contrast thesis?
Starting with a presentation of the history of the DEBATE itself is always a hit. EG: The Egg or the Chicken? For at least 200 years this question has been a favorite of philosophers and scientists alike. It was first asked by John Doe in 1802 and since then has been used extensively to school minds...blah blah blah. You get the point. It provides background for your own views, and shows the path of your thinking, as well as distinguishing it as uniquely your own. It also proves you actually did some research. Good luck.

Rosalin Rosalin
Paragraph Outine: #a million William Bradford and John Smith have been 2 exciting person adult men, who had an substantial result on American historic previous. #2 supply a quick historic previous approximately who they the two have been. #3 Describe their similarities. #4 Describe their alterations. #5 Summarize their reliable & undesirable features or their result.
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Moreen Moreen
start with a thesis statement. it should be at the end of your first paragraph. maybe you can begin by saying how they contributed to help society become a better palce. but then explain the differenced such as their different approaches. for example mlk used non violence, and so did ganghi, but their differnt backgrounds influenced their mission in different ways...hope this helps!
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Moreen Originally Answered: Organizing a Compare/Contrast Essay?
Hey I am just going say that I am an expert at writing. In college, its very smart to expand your writing by adding lots of detail about anything. Have you read Charles Dickens and how he expanded his writing? When you are given to analyze its also good to be very analytical and sort become a psychologist in thinking. You should get inside the characters mind and find anything that's inferred or can be guessed out of a characters reaction or actions. I know 4 pages seems very hard to stretch but if you become very detailed, very analytical, get inside the characters mind and make inferences, you'll reach 4 pages very easily.

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