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July 17, 2019 / By Allyster
Question: OK! Im 13 and well I love Shirley Temple (the famous curly head girl) Shes my idol and I grew up watching her.....I wrote her a letter the other day and its my 1st fan letter...I can prolly count on her writing back but I askd her for an autograph photo....then I was looking on the internet and found that someone else did it to and they posted that she replied and did everything but send the auto. bc she was afraid that we would put it on Ebay.com....and i as wondering has anyone ever do it or known anyone that has done it and she said that is it true or false????? please answer this means ALOT to me...even if you havent give your opinion about what you think we'll happen. and SHES NOT DEAD.....thts a promise
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Terry Terry | 4 days ago
Hon, millions of us have always and still do love Shirley, we also loved her side kick "Bojangles" just as much. He died so unfairly and sadly, he deserved so much better. Check out Youtube and see if you can't find the song written about him and the way he died, it's called " Mr. Bojangles", it's sad but beautiful. She use to send millions her photo, but that was before the internet. Try write her again, tell her what you've heard and tell her you'd never do such a thing to her, that it would belittle the importance of the photo, that in your mind no amount of money would make up for something you'd find so precious, tell her it would mean the world to you. If you still don't get one, you could always get a picture from the cover of one of her movie covers, have it blown up and maybe touched up, make 2, send one and request a signature. That way you could hang one in your room and if she does sign the other, keep it away and protected. Listen, i was messing around with a camera a few yrs back in front of my tv, an old show with the Rolling Stones came on when Peter Tosh (i'm sure his name was, if not it's close), Peter Tosh was a Jamaican Guitarist, he was great, one night in Jamaica, robbers broke into his home and not knowing who's home it was, murdered him. I knew i only had a couple of minutes at the most and started snapping pictures. I snapped about 9, all came back back or nil, but 2, one was ok, the other was fantastic. Had it blown up and touched up at Blacks Camera Store, I still have it today and over the yrs ppl have/are still shocked that it came for a tv.
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