How do retired people make a living?

How do retired people make a living? Topic: How to prepare a business plan free
June 24, 2019 / By Alton
Question: When i think about it retired people don't work. But that leaves out the bills of the house that he/she lives in that has to be paid and that takes money, but how do they get it?
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Thea Thea | 9 days ago
The majority of retired people worked over 30+ years and skimped, saved & invested to prepare for their retirement. Some paid into pension plans which was matched by employers. Some took risks by investing in American Corporations. Some took risks by investing in themselves by opening businesses - small & larger which later allowed for this retirement. Some retirees are still working part time to suppliment their retirement funds. If you are a young person, then you must make decisions to commit to working, saving & investing for One's own future. Nothing was ever promised to any of us. I paid my way for most of my entire life and still do. I am independent. I am a retiree. I worked for over 30+ for salary. I now work for free as a volunteer because I can.
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Rosamond Rosamond
there are some government benefits that are received when a person retires, and of course those are from when the person worked and when their employer contributed and when the government invested those funds. Today a lot more seniors are working, some haven't quit working. The rest live inexpensively, have renters, have a pension, live with relatives, make a few dollars under the table helping out each other, some walk dogs, look in on the elderly, some used to be nurses, some work with AARP or on temp jobs, etc.
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Morna Morna
Poor innocent........I retired at 52, from the public sector in the UK, and have a pension.......Also have a small income from property and work part time agency work...We own our house now the mortgage is paid and I continue to put funds into a pension fund to mature when I turn 66.....When hit 66 get my State Pension.......Will no longer do agency work then....We should have as much coming in, in real terms, as I brought home when working full time, which is what I manage to do just now too...... We do NOT live on fresh air.....Is about planning and working hard and investing if you can.....Something too many here are NOT doing these days....In the UK, the State Pension is NOT enough to keep body and soul together...BUT we can, unlike many poor Americans on here, rely on the National Health Service and we have such things as FREE off-peak travel on buses, local trains and trams etc once in our 60's......AND a free TV licence once over 75 , as well as a non means tested, winter fuel allowance, if on State Pension.........Insurance etc are cheaper for older people and there ARE discounts to be had....
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Lizette Lizette
During their working years they save and invest money. They usually earn a company pension where they work and they pay into the social security system so they can receive money from that. By the time they retire they have their house and autos paid for and are completely out of debt except for the monthly utility bills. There are some who don't do this and they holler for the rest of us to give them a handout.
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Karlene Karlene
In the U.S., if the person has worked all his/her life, he'll get a Social Security check every month although it won't pay for everything unless the person is very frugal. The person, hopefully, has also saved during his work years. These days many companies offer 401K (or the equivalent) for workers to contribute to which is a retirement fund. There's also IRA accounts (or the equivalent). But often even so, these savings and SS may not cover everything so the person has to take on a part-time, full-time or at least some sort of income generating work. My aunt is now somewhere in her mid-80's; her husband retired a few years ago and is in bad health so she had to go back to work in order to get health insurance to cover his medical needs because Medicare doesn't cover them all and although her kids all fofer to help out as best they can, her kids all have young families which aren't cheap to keep. Sometimes, your local utility company can be applied to for a reduction in rates if you are a senior ciizen, sometimes stores and other place also give a slight discount.
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Harriette Harriette
"Retired people don't work?" Wrong. There are plenty retirees still in the workforce. Depends on personal circumstances. Some were forced to retire, and had to seek work. When the economy tank, some lost their company pensions and a hit on their 401K's, etc., forcing them to seek work. Bottom Line: Save as much as you can now, way before retirement. Pretend that account doesn't exist. Pay off your mortgage (if you have one); live beneath your means. Retirement will be here before you know it. After working 40+ straight years, and having enough of the games played in the workplace, I'm fortunate enough not to sit behind a desk ever again. I'm now mobile - teaching figure skating. I don't have to deal with difficult coworkers-just parents and students. Doesn't pay much, and that's fine by me - I'm living my passion.
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Donna Donna
I saved all the money I could for many years. I bought two houses to live in and when I had to move, I could not sell them for enough to pay them off. I had to rent them. I invested my savings in conservative funds. I paid off every credit card, monthly payment and loan before I retired. For a year before I retired, I lived on what my meager income would be, so it wouldn't be a surprise or shock. With the tiny income from my rentals, a $138 a month "pension" from my former employer, and social security, I can live frugally but comfortably. I prepared! I'm living on the money I made. There is NO entitlement here. Only collecting what I already paid into for 50 years.
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Casey Casey
First of all, get the house and car paid off before retirement. Where on earth did you get the idea retired people don't work? They are volunteering at schools, hospitals, libraries, senior centers and the neighborhood. You quit moving, you die. I started a couple retirement accounts to supplement SSI, And hope and pray it is enough. Never can tell what the gov has in store for us. I can retire in a couple of years, don't know if I will.
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