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Question: Ian Tomlinson, 47, who was walking home from work, suffered a heart attack several minutes after walking away from being pushed in central London. During the G20 protests he was walking away from Police with his hands in his pockets, when was brutally attacked from behind by a Riot Cop and was slammed face first into the pavement. Shortly after Ian Tomlinson suffered a heart attack and died. Even though they caught the whole thing on CCTV.. The footage was never released. Big surprise! It was thanks to the video from another protester that the footage from what happened actually came out. The Police are obviously trying for some sort of coverup, or to slip this one under the carpets like they did with John Charles de Menezes. Please join this group and spread the word to your friends. We cannot allow them to ignore the fact that they are attacking innocent civilians and getting away with it. How many more need to die due to their senseless brutality? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HECMVdl-9... http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#/group... Wooow some of you really dont pay attention.. for starters he had his hands in his pockets and they sent him flying onto the pavement face first... THIS MAN WASNT A PROTESTER!!! He was an innocent bystander who was walking home from his work that was around the corner. They told everyone to dress casual that day so people in suits wouldnt get attacked.. The cops assumed he was a protester and they attacked him as he was walking away. A long time ago.. I would have been really shocked by these answers.. But lately Im not surprised. No one cares about the forest fire until its in their own back yard. No one cares about injustices until its destroys their own lives. Some of your answers I just find to be disgusting. I feel really sorry for the Ian's family because if this inquiry were left to people like you guys, then there would never be justice. Most of you really dont give a **** until it affects your own lives directly. That is half the problem with this world..
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Theda Theda | 10 days ago
Yes they are going to get away with it...again...and guess what, they will get away with a lot more. Primarily because, people DO NOT GIVE A S**T!! WHEN are we all going to stop this descent into fascism....what will it take? Maybe it'll take someone you love to be beaten to death fo being in the wrong place at the wrong time, or for speaking out in a loud enough voice to be heard! First hand pain seems to be the ONLY motivator of people these days. To quote Peter finch....I'm MAD AS HELL!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=90ELleCQvew
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Theda Originally Answered: Murder and the intention that causes it?
Killing someone in war is *legal* because we suspend all logic to create an ad hoc exception to our usual moral outrage about murder. Sometimes it's justified, and sometimes it isn't. Killing someone in a gang fight is at least manslaughter, and often murder. As to the distinction between 1st and 2nd degree murder? I don't think we should make that distinction either. It is useful for negotiation reasons, however (reducing 1st degree murder to 2nd degree during negotiation often saves the massive expense of a full-blown murder trial while still protecting society at large).

Rosanna Rosanna
I don't think you understand the enormous pressure these riot police are put under by these violent protesters. It is sad that this person was not even a protestor but to fault the police for a freak accident in which he had a heart attack is absurd. I can understand if a policemen used unnecessary force, like beating an unresisting person, but just trying to get someone to the ground because they have been deemed a threat is part of the job. Edit: I would like to know what the cops are trying to tell him. It seems as though they were trying to get him out of that area but he he decided to "take his time." Also, hands in the pockets is a police mans worse fear because you never know what is in those pockets.
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Morven Morven
Think about it, he had his hands in his jacket pockets. Why? Was he cold, did he have a gun, was it a detonator? Too many questions not enough answers. The cops are not out to screw with if they can avoid it, it's not what they do. They are charged with the defense of the populace, and they do that job well. If this guy had been carrying a gun, you would be singing a different tune. Since Cops aren't all knowing, they couldn't have know that his suspicious behavior was benign, they acted to protect the public ,and unfortunately, this specific individual appears to have had a underlying medical condition. The cops didn't kill him, he had a heart attack. It’s akin to jumping out of the bushes to scare someone, and them keeling over and dieing from fright.
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Lizzie Lizzie
Lara, it is easy to point fingers and blame the police, especially when you are sympathetic to the opposition. However, blame is shared. The largest blame goes to the rioters. Had they demonstrated peacefully, this would never have happened. Next blame goes to Ian, who at the age of 47, should know better then to get close to any riot. He could just as well have been hit by an object thrown by a rioter. Last, some blame goes to the police, who in their efforts to try and contain civil disobedience did not first check Ian's credentials and lack of involvement in the riot.
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Karly Karly
Yeah right, what a crock that is. If anyone is getting away with murder these days, it's Barrack Hussein Obama. The recent rash of shooting incidents in the U.S. has been perpetrated by agents of Barrack Hussein Obama's government. From the shooting deaths of 4 police officers in Oakland, CA, to the massacre of 15 civilians in NY, to the shooting deaths of 3 police officers in PA, Obama's government has carefully orchestrated these incidents to garner support for his desire to overturn the 2nd Amendment. Obama knows that even his brainwashed flock who have blindly followed his every move to this point may begin to waiver when it comes to blatantly dismantling the Constitution. That is, unless he creates a public outcry via a series of ghastly and horrifying events. When even the men and women who protect us appear tobe under siege, John and Jane Liberal will hop right on the bandwagon and begin calling for a repeal of the 2nd Amendment, exactly what BHO needs to happen in order to further push his agenda of "change" (see creation of a Marxist state). Hitler convinced people that Jews were a threat and used this as a basis for disarming them, making it incredibly difficult for resistance to his agenda to occur. BHO apparently will stop at nothing to push his extremist agenda, even orchestrating the deaths of civilians and the brave men and women who volunteer to protect them.
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Hartley Hartley
Hell thats nothing. We live here in the Washington DC area. During the inauguration saw several Obama protestors being arrested by Capitol Hill police, yet at the same time a group of Bush protestors were carrying signs that read 'So long Chimp' but were allowed to go about their business.
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Dora Dora
Hey, easy on the caps, we read you. Protesters are always trouble, and they are usually out of hand over there. I'd blame them as much as the police. I've never seen much good come from a protest. There are better ways of voicing your displeasure with the ways things are being done.
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Cass Cass
the riot police did not kill him. he was still alive after they pushed him. so he had a heart attack after the event. big deal? i broke my leg shortly after my math teacher gave me an F on a test. so according to you, its her fault that i broke my leg? wow... people need to seriously stop focusing on the rare police beatings that take place and look at all the good they do. think of how many rapists, murderers, drug dealers, and thieves are off the streets due to law enforcement officers. theyre only human. no one is perfect. if you had someone resisting your orders and critisizing you, im sure youd want to beat the $hit out of them too. put yourself in an officers shoes. you pull over someone for speeding. you tell them to get out of the car. they dont, you ask again, they still dont. you open the door and ask once more to step out of the car. they still dont step out and now they car ridiculing you and falsely accusing you. maybe even threatening you. wouldnt you want to just punch them? do you know how hard it it to keep your cool under these circumstances. if officers were rougher, im sure people would respond to them better, and thered be a lot less criminals in the world. grow some f***ing balls and accept responsibility for your actions. dont b**ch and complain that "big bad officer hit me after i spit on him and called him a stupid brutal hog" i never said i didnt care that he died, i am just saying you shouldnt blame the officers for doing their jobs. he's parlty at fault too. the officers approached him and he just kept his hands in his pockets and walked away, totally ignoring the officers. if he would have showed his hands and walked away from the protest, he'd be totally fine. now they shouldnt have thrown him to the ground, they should have approacched him again and held him in place. for all they know, he could have had a gun or a knife in his pocket
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Anita Anita
All they did was push him down on his rear, I did not see that as anywhere near a brutal attack.! Some Arab nations - let their men rape women and its legal to do so under the shia law, now that is SICK!.
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Anita Originally Answered: Murder Mystery Riddle?
The paper on the conference table already has the janitor's name on it (to frame the janitor) which was written with the murderer's own pen. That's why the victim tried to scrabbled it out and then realised that the pen which he picked up on the table (obviously his) does not have pen tip in it. Frustrated he chucked his own pen on the floor and crumpled the piece of the paper to destroy it so not to accused the wrong man. The killer stabbed him and replaced the tipless pen with one that was used to write the note. One of the victim's four workers was the killer and the owner of this pen collected as evidence was the killer. That's the best that I can think of :) You better tell us the solution if it wasn't right.

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