Greek visa for turks?

Greek visa for turks? Topic: Visa research
June 17, 2019 / By Alvie
Question: I have heard that the visa requirement for turks entering greece has been abolished. Is this correct. How can I research this thoughly.
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Thomasin Thomasin | 3 days ago
thats what totaly blunt said you actually need a visa but you can go on a cruise tour through the all greek islands with no visa required but only a valid passport however you need to decide your tour trip and pick some tour packages before i hope it helps http://www.prontotour.com/ptour/scripts/... Evangelos K > you're not right its due to recent arrangements for both sides any turkish citizen can also go to Athens with some boat tours and no visa too greeks always come to bozcaada(tenedos) or gokceada(imvros) with no visa anyway this is only valid for cruising Evangelos K > they can do whatever they want its not compulsory except staying at the hotel :)
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Rosasharn Rosasharn
Sorry, it's just a rumor. Even if Greece chose to change the system it can't because it's a European Union's law. You can only take a small trip with a cruise ship in the Aegean.
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Moyra Moyra
Call the Greek Consulate. Doesn't sound possible. Maybe daily tours on the Aegean are an exception.
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Lola Lola
I m in the position to tell you for sure that your information is inaccurate, you still need a Shengen visa.
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Karrie Karrie
You've got the answer to your query. But look here for future questions : http://www.mfa.gov.tr/turk-vatandaslarin... You can find all the visa requirements by all countries that Turkish citizens are subjected to.
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