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My weird personality.help? Topic: Teacher comments essay writing
July 17, 2019 / By Alvin
Question: im so introverted & careless.. i never converse w/ people around me. i never participate in class discussions.. that's why im always scorned by my teachers & even sent to the principal! im a girl but this is me.. i dont know if what my problem really is!i dream to be a writer someday, whenever i have nothing to do, i write poems, essays, short stories& songs.. my closest friends used to tell me that im so careless and lazy.. but they say that they admire my personality.. because aside from having problems, i still manage to be confident enough as if nothing was bothering me. ANY COMMENTS PLS... thanks..
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Thomasina Thomasina | 4 days ago
being different is what makes the world go round, so maybe you don't talk a lot so what maybe you just choose to express yourself in writing rather than talking. theres nothing wrong with that.
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Thomasina Originally Answered: LGBT: Where does personality come from?
Personality comes from genes also how you were brought up in this world can affect you greatly. Its a mixture of that where people get their personality. Personalities in my opinion always change, not necessarily a lot, but in some way. Due to experiences in our lives. Don't feel misplaced. You are shining jewel amidst rough stones (not making an insult to your family). You are unique and what of a kind. Cherish that and uplift it. You are who you are. That's exactly how God wants you. :)
Thomasina Originally Answered: LGBT: Where does personality come from?
well gayness seems to be neither really, because they've linked gayness to how much of certain body chemicals the fetus gets exposed to while the baby is developing, nobody knows for sure about gayness though i do know that I've always felt gay, i was just in denial because of a homophobic society for all other personality traits I'd say its a little of both, we inherit something and we learn how we want to channel it. Like tempers some people get annoyed really easily but that just means they have a quick response to something in their minds, in the same way you could say that an athlete gets triggered quickly but instead of expressing it in terms of emotion (anger) they physically express it and channel it into giving it all they got physically. Hope that makes sense
Thomasina Originally Answered: LGBT: Where does personality come from?
its a bit of both nature and nurture. our physical make up in the Frontal Lobe of the brain has a lot to do with our personality, but so does our previous experiences and how we meet them. ur similar to me. i have always been really quiet and unsociable. i don't know how to talk to people and my parents are boisterous and all of my few friends have tons of other friends. i don't know why i am gay either, as far as i know, i had no gay relatives. i think its nature on that one for me. my dad always put work first, adn he never did anything with me or made me help him with fixing things around the house and manual labor stuff and now he isn't around much because of his job and my mom is really domineering and makes me go every where with her, so that's why im gay and bit a effeminate. i try to be a real man like my dad but can't. its not ur fault. just the hand you were dealt. trying to make sense of this insanity, it will just make u more depressed and crazy. try to make a few friends, just a few, and try to just live. dont go asking others for advice on this stuff, other than to express urself. what i mean is, dont expect real answers that wil help you, because everyoen will just try to send u off singing the same ol' song "what a wonderful world ... what a wonderful world it is"

Rose Rose
If it bothers people, it's their problem, not yours. Introversion is not a disorder. Come over and visit us at http://com5.runboard.com/bintroversionis...
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Rose Originally Answered: Is Borderline Personality Disorder treatable?
Yes, I had it and I have recovered from it. When I was 18, I was diagnosed with BPD by a psychiatrist. I had severe mood swings, overwhelming anxiety, was scared when my mother or father would leave me alone for even a day or two, hated some people and idealized others, would feel periodically completely hopeless, had suicidal ideation, etc. etc. etc. Almost all the classic borderlines symptoms, I had. I had been severely physically abused by my father for many years, had a mother who provided me with little protection from this, and our family was characterized by silence and non-communication among everyone. This abuse and neglect clearly were the main causes of my illness, since I grew up to feel worthless, scared, and afraid of how I was going to be independent in life and survie at all. Today, I am 27 and I have a full-time job which I really enjoy, I have some good friends, have been able to date women, am not depressed or anxious most of the time, and feel much better and more confident about things. What helped me was individual psychotherapy and group therapy, both of which I did, and doing my own research on BPD and finding out that a lot of the information out there about it is simply wrong. I.e., The ideas that BPD is a life-long condition, that is very unlikely to be recovered from, or that it's genetic/biological and can't be cured, only medicated, are all massive distortions. Here are several sources which can provide you with some optimism: A.J. Mahari's website - borderlinepersonality.ca - this is by a fully recovered borderline who no longer has the disorder and writes about how she got better. Her tips are right on the money, from my experience of how I got better. Tami Green's website - borderlinepersonalitysupport.com - another recovered borderline who writes about how to get help and recover. She actually testified before U.S. Congress how she had recovered and how BPD is very treatable. Some books I have read - I have read dozens of books about borderlines who have recovered. There are many treatment accounts by psychodynamic therapists writing in the last few decades. Many of their patients recovered completely or improved greatly, if they had a good therapist and were able/willing to stay in treatment. Here are a few of those books: 1 - The Bad Object - Jeffrey Seinfeld 2 - The Difficult Borderline Patient, Not So Difficult to Treat - Helen Albanese 3 - The Search for the Real Self - James Masterson 4 - 6 Steps in the Treatment of Borderline Personality Organization - Vamik Volkan 5 - Borderline Patients, the Psychosomatic Focus, and the Therapeutic Process - Peter Giovacchini You could get several of these off Amazon for a relatively low cost. Some of them are technical and a little hard to read, but they are very positive about how borderlines can do. I especially recommend the first two. Most importantly, I have my own lived experience - the knowledge that one can go through extremely difficult experiences, even into despair, and come out of it through persistence, belief, and support from other people to eventually recover and fell well. Don't lose hope. You are still young and there is a lot you can do to change things. If you want someone to talk to about your problems, feel free to email me. [email protected]
Rose Originally Answered: Is Borderline Personality Disorder treatable?
This Site Might Help You. RE: Is Borderline Personality Disorder treatable? Ok so I've gotten to a mental hospital because of Borderline (currently have two days off, been there for more than a month). At first I didn't know it was Borderline, and I didn't know what the hell was wrong with me, until I was diagnosed with Borderline at the mental hospital....

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