Ps3, xbox 360 or Wii?

Ps3, xbox 360 or Wii? Topic: 2.5 hdd external case sata
June 24, 2019 / By Alvred
Question: need some advice here..to buy for myself. i'm deciding between ps3, xbox360 and wii. my criteria: 1. i like fun easy games like what Wii supports 2. i also like some action games (not very hardcore though) cos i like cute funny action games only, the ones that are not so serious/difficult
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Thomasine Thomasine | 5 days ago
This is my cut and paste answer. The reason for that is because a tech info is a tech info, you can't beat it (sources below). Also this question is so often!!! PS3 will win the console war, no doubt. Xbox 360 and Wii are so weak from technological point of view, that in couple of years they won't be capable of dealing with serious graphics. GTA IV, for instance, isn't even announced for Wii - this toy won't be able to cope with the game's requirements. Xbox 360 is getting GTA IV, however, the game is going to be released on several DVDs - Xbox 360 owners will have to interrupt gaming process and switch discs (Rockstar complained about this issue). Only PS3 will have it on single BD-DVD. Let's compare PS3 and XBOX 360: 1). A third of XBOX 360 (33%) are malfunctioning right from the start. PS3 return rate is only around 0.2%. Despite some people say, that new 360 has no breakdown issues - just visit Xbox section of Yahoo answers and see for yourself an amount of complaints. 2). PS3 has 8 (7+1) kernels in Cell processor, Xbox 360 -only 3. 3). PS3 uses advanced tech called Blu-Ray, one disc can store up to 54 gb (in the future - up to 200 gb), Xbox 360 - regular dual layer DVD-9 (8.5GB). It's possible to get HD-DVD (max. - 30GB) for 360, but it'll cost you around 180$, in this case Xbox is going to be MUCH more expensive, than PS3. 4). Calculations per sec - PS3 - 51-billion-dot-product-operati... per second Xbox 360 - 33.6-billion-dot-product-opera... per second 5). PS3 has full media support - USBs, built-in 4 slots card reader (except 20GB and 40GB versions), ability to use printer and so on. Xbox 360 has USBs and only 2 memory slots. 6). PS3 supports up to 7 Bluetooth Controllers Xbox 360 - up to 4 Controllers 7). PS3 - wi-fi included (except 20 gb version) Xbox 360 - wi-fi will cost you around 100 $ 8). Graphics are stronger in PS3, due to RSX chip, that was developed by Nvidia exclusively for PS3. RSX runs on 550 Mhz. It's difficult to compare their graphics chips, because 360 has a video chip with totally different structure and operating memory is divided differently in both consoles. However, PS3 exclusives look better than 360's exclusives. 9). PS3 uses technology from AGEIA company. It does to physics of the game same thing GPU (videocard processor) does to graphics. This thing is on sale for PC(special card). The price is around 350$. There is no such thing in 360. 10). Xbox 360 is widely known for so-called "red ring of death" problem - it gets overheated easily. My PS3 was running for more than 15 hours non-stop with no problems. Sometimes Xbox 360 becomes so overheated, that thermopaste on CPU melts, drips on motherboard and successfully shortcircuits it. That's why in some countries people call Xbox 360 "Coffin 360". 11). Besides all of this, I've seen disassembled Xbox 360 - regular PC architecture - Billy Gates is an uninventive nerd (as usual). When I saw disassembled PS3 - it was a surprise - smart architecture, good cooling (don't buy external PS3 coolers - they make everything worse - original system is good), etc. 12). In 2008 PS3 will get more than 300 games, including Metal Gear Solid 4, The Agent and other great exclusives. Here is the good link to the future PS3 releases. http://ps3.ign.com/index/release.html...... 13). PS3 online is free, Xbox 360 - you have to pay. 14). There were reports, that 360 scratches discs. No reports on that in PS3. 15). The funniest thing, that right now there are no games for PS3, that show full potential of the console. Biggest games weigh only 25 GB (Xbox 360 will need more than 3 discs even for those). 16). On PS3 you can install other OS, such as Linux Yellow Dog, Ubuntu and others. Sony officially lets you do it. There is no such thing in 360. 17). PS3 HDD can be replaced easily with any 2.5" SATA 5400 RPM HDD (used in laptops). 250 GB will cost you around 170$. In 360 you have to buy exclusive HDD, where 20GB will cost you 100$. 18).Sony expects PS3 to stay on the market for, at least, 7-10 years. Also Sony reduces price now. There is a cheaper 40GB version of PS3. 19).Sony constantly upgrades PS3 software (free updates for OS) - you get new functions and improvements. 20). PS3 controller (sixaxis) has a motion control - you move controller - game responds. Wii has it, Xbox 360 - doesn't. PS3 is getting rumble controller (Dualshock 3) in 1st quarter 2008, Japan already has it. On www.ebay.com I saw those controllers on sale 50$ and up (unofficial import) 21).On PS3 you can help sick people by running Folding Home project. Wii and Xbox 360 didn't even think about it. 22).New 40GB is 399$ or 399 euro (depends on the region) - it has no backwards compatibility with PS2 games, has 2 USBs instead of 4, no built-in card reader, but it's the same PS3, strong, reliable, less noisy, different cooling system. The price is friendly. 23). But, to be just, I'm not a PS3 fanboy, so (despite I own one) hear this - PS3 games (exclusives) are very hard to develop due to complicated Cell's architecture. We have to wait till developers will figure out how to develop games properly. Sometimes multiplatform games run not so good on PS3 due to the same developing issues - it's hard for developers to get a grip on such advanced technologies. I didn't mention Wii, because it's so weak, no point to talk about it. Leave it for kindergarten and casual games. Sources: www.teamxbox.com www.kotaku.com www.qj.net www.ign.com www.wikipedia.org www.newegg.com www.ps3fanboy.com http://search.ebay.com/dualshock-3_W0QQ_... and many other sources
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Thomasine Originally Answered: Xbox 360 HD DVD drive.
answer 1 is wrong Its because each drive has a unique set of keys that must pair up with the xbox It is possible to make that drive work but you would need the keys from the old drive buy connecting the drive to a computer via sata cable and dumping the keys with jungle flasher you must then write the keys to the new drive so they match the xbox It is also possible to get different drive brands to work in that xbox (a new lite-on drive in a xbox that should have a old hitatchi drive) although I don`t recommend it as it will get you banned from xbox live for modding this is a link to the pdf that explains key dumping and writing (its actually for flashing which allows you to play burnt games) basically without the old keys you are screwed......just buy a new xbox if you do have them then rewrite the keys and I would recommend going the extra step and flashing the xbox (all explained in the pdf) if you have any questions e-mail me hope I helped

Roseann Roseann
Well, for starters, you can eliminate the Ps3 from you list. It is way too over priced and the games aren't even that good anyway. The Wii can vary from an extremely easy gameplay to a pretty difficult gameplay depending on the game. However, most games on th Wii will get old after about a week or two, so I wouldn't recommend it. Out of the three, the 360 is probably the best choice. Even though it is the oldest of the three, you can upgrade it, and download a ton of cool stuff like the origional xbox games from xbox live. There are a huge variety of games, and many different genres. Choose wisely!
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Mya Mya
This is the end all argument for the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. Note that I am not a fanboy and have played both consoles and by far the Playstation 3 has longevity than the Xbox 360. These are facts and I have numerous sources. Why is this answer long? It refutes everything that Xbox 360 owners say about the Playstation 3. Also, if you're about to dish out $400-$600 for a system, you want to know all you can. Company: Microsoft is a company which experiences are mostly computers not games. Windows Vista is a disaster and 50% of people switch back to Windows XP. Microsoft never answered people's problems, this is why people turn to Mac. When Microsoft heard about their Red Ring of Death, they didn't fix it, instead updated the warranty. Sony's first Playstation was a success, so they know their field with this. Their smart and reliable and always help their customers when they need too. When Playstation 2 had a lens error, it was Sony who provided how to clean your Playstation 2 with a cotton swab and alcohol, not someone else. They didn't ask you the send your system in so they can fix it, they admitted the problem and gave a simple do-it-yourself solution. Price: Look at the bigger picture. With the Playstation 3 you are getting a Blu-Ray DVD player which like $300 on the market for the cheapest one. Playstation 3 most expensive model cost $600 bucks. Xbox 360 most expensive model cost $450 bucks. Let's say Microsoft don't come out for another console for 5 years so lets add their $50 subscription fee to play Xbox Live. That's $250 dollars + $450 dollars for a Xbox 360 in 5 years minus the games. So you are paying more than the Playstation 3 just to use it's features. Features that should have been granted to you when you spent the $450 bucks for their console. Problems: Playstation 3 had a slight bug problem (3% in consoles worldwide) but was fixed right away with re-releases of the consoles. People complained about their Sixaxis controller not having rumble technology so Sony has worked on Dualshock 3, which will be coming out in Spring 2008. They actually listen when someone complains. Xbox 360 currently has a major hardware malfunction called the Red Ring of Death (A play off the name Blue Screen of Death) that only Microsoft can fix. This is a problem in 33% of their consoles in the United States (1 out of 3). Even in their new consoles, these problems still occur. Microsoft has offered to fix it for free and extended their warranty. The problem is it takes 6 weeks to get your Xbox 360 back and it could get stolen in the mail and you won't get reimbursed. In fact Xbox 360 is number 1 in the top ten bad electronics in 2007. Everyone I know is on their second console. If only Microsoft would tell local Gamestops how to fix the problem, but they don't have the best interest in gamers in mind. Games: Xbox 360 has better games than the Ps3 now, but by the end of 2008, the Playstation 3 will have way more better games. How do I know? E3 2007 graded every console. Wii got a C- because they talked about their success. Xbox 360 got a C because they talk about their games in 2007 such as Halo and BioShock. The Ps3 got a B- because their longevity is noticed and their games in 2008 will be the best out of the 3 consoles. Xbox 360 has had a head start for a year and their games are slightly better than Ps3. Their top 3 games: Halo 3, Gears of War, and Bioshock are all First Person Shooters. They don't have a mix array of games. Microsoft dishes a lot of cash to the developers to keep games exclusive. The best games for the Xbox 360 has come and gone. So you tell me you're going to sit there and wait 2-3 years for Halo 4. Well right now there's Resistance, Ninja Gaiden Sigma, Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, Ratchet and Clank, Virtua Fighter 5, Heavenly Sword, Stranglehold, Assassin's Creed, Virtua Tennis 3, Folklore, Uncharted, Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2, Guitar Hero 3, Singstar and Call of Duty 4. Some games are for the Xbox 360 as well. Upcoming exclusive games for the PS3 are Killzone 2, Haze, Metal Gear Solid 4, Final Fantasy XIII, Gran Turismo 5, Afrika, Motorstorm 2, Wipeout, Yakuza 3, LittleBigPlanet, Infamous, White Knight Chronicles, Disgaea 3, The Getaway 3, Heavy Rain, SOCOM: Confrontation, Wardevil, LA Noire, Tekken 6 and God of War 3 will all be coming out as PS3 exclusives. Also the maker of Ico and Shadow of the Colossus is making his next game exclusively on PS3. Thats like 15 exclusives with high 9.0 reviews from Gamespot & GameInformer. Most of these games take over a month to complete so you won't be putting the Ps3 down for quite some time now. Developers had 2 years to dish out games for Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 is not far behind. Accessories The only accessory you need and should really buy is a new inter cooler fan for the Xbox 360. You should buy it before the Xbox 360 break on you. Why won't Microsoft give it you guys for free? Because they don't care about their gamers and see this as a lost. Playstation 3 on the other hand has numerous accessories. They had bluetooth headsets, the new eyetoy which will make the Ps3 a lot similar to Wii with kid games, internet browser. Did you know that Sony is creating an application to allow users to record Live TV. So you're getting a TiVo with a Blu-Ray DVD Player. Online: Xbox 360 online is better because more people since it came out a year earlier than the Ps3. When Ps3 introduces Home, the online community will become more connected and better. In Home, you can play pool, billards, bowl, and jump right into games. You don't even need a ps3 game to have fun. Expect a major knockoff from Microsoft, it's in their character to do so. In closing, you can't go wrong with the Playstation 3. Playstation 1 and 2 were major hits and the Playstation 3 will follow. Getting a Xbox 360 is like having a Daweoo, a pretty dumb idea. Who are you going to choose? The 2 time back to back winner of the console wars or the sophomore that came back unprepared for a rematch (When I mean unprepared I mean buggy [like the ring of death]) The Ps3 is a end all hands down winner.
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London London
PS3- ratchet and clank series, RPGs, and racing games as well as sports...THe wii has the biggest selection of what you want but they are impossible to find. 360 too many hardware failures Red Ring of Death and mostly First person redundant shooters.
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London Originally Answered: What is a better buy PS3 Slim Vs. Xbox 360 Elite?
Well I would recommend getting the PS3 slim. I myself own an xbox but there have been rumors of a new xbox with a 250 gig hard drive. When it comes out the price of the elite will fall. So if you want to get a console now then I would go with the PS3 Slim or wait till the new xbox comes out. I don't know if there has been a set date yet but I would guess mid-November

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