Can you tell me what you need in your acting resume to get somewhere?

Can you tell me what you need in your acting resume to get somewhere? Topic: Cover letter with name dropping
June 17, 2019 / By Alwin
Question: Alright, so my boyfriend is like obsessed with acting. He thinks with his middle school and high school plays written on his resume he can get himself into Transformers 3, Soap Operas (like All My Children), and other movies. He's sent in his resume, and is pretty determined on getting into it. I try to explain to him that he's gonna need more than that on his resume, but I can't be for sure. Maybe he'd get placed as an extra or something? It's driving me crazy. >.< By "training" do you mean Middle School/High School training? Or a school? Or a degree? He ended up dropping out, too...
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Best Answers: Can you tell me what you need in your acting resume to get somewhere?

Tia Tia | 8 days ago
Aha. Maybe yeah, but he would have to get an audition first. Did he have a cover letter? You need a cover letter for everything you apply for. You have your name centered at the top, then in the corner you can have your height, weight, hair colour, eye colour. Then like different sections one for theater another for musical theater, tv, movies. Then your training a section for like acting, saying who you have worked with and that. Then at the bottom you put your special skills like guitar or tumbler. That kind of thing. You can probably look at some explains of actors resumes online. If you see one then it makes it easier because all you have to do is put your info into that format.
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Tia Originally Answered: Acting agents and RESUME?.?
Well, I don't know where you live, my only experience is in the NYC area. Get a copy of a periodical called "Ross Reports Television" from the Playwrights Book Store or any very large newsstand in NYC. It lists all the agents of repute in the city. You basically want to send them your pic and resume. I will give you one suggestion: At age 14 you may not get a lot of responses from agents because you are considered to be in a bit of a transitional phase between pre-teen and teen. Since people's bodies/voice/appearances change during that period of time, agents tend to stay away from signing them until they are about 16 or so, at least that has been my own experience and that is what agents I know have told me. Even if you do not disclose your age on your resume, a good agent will tell by your photo and most cetainly see it if you are fortunate enough to get an appointment to see him/her. Best of luck to you.

Rosemarie Rosemarie
You'd just put you're measurements and training in acting and additional skills. You don't really need a resume if you don't have any experience because a resume is pretty much a list of your experiance , so some casting directors might think that your resume (NOT YOU but the point of you having one) is a waste of time (don't mean to sound harsh). Unless you're going to audition for really big professional roles, you won't need a resume and if you have no experiance at all, it's extremely unlikely. I would advise getting lots of experiance and work your way up and then make a resume!
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Myriam Myriam
if he has some training, he could definitely get an audition for some soap operas as long as he has the personality. whether he will get the job depends on how good he actually is. transformers 3 however is most likely looking for actors with agents, strong experience, and a pretty "famous" name to help them extra work is great for his resume and doesnt require any training, he could definitely do that if hes in an area. tell him not to get his hopes up, but to keep working because a little training and experience can go a long way. good luck to him(:
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Lorainne Lorainne
he's going to need more than a few school plays. for any mainstream commercial work, he will need an agent. without acting training,experience and a good resume he won't get an agent. he will need some film acting classes to learn how to work in front of a camera, and how show biz. works. this is going to take years to do, he's not just going to be able to run out tomorrow and get anywhere. he needs to get training classes and practical experience on the resume. if he's under 18 he can't get himself in anything without a parent. he will need to be located where the auditions are held to do this. you can't do this from everywhere. he needs to be in LA or NYC to do what you mention above. this will be very time consuming and expensive. this is a business and there are costs to start up and run a business. it's going to cost more to do than he's going to make.
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Lorainne Originally Answered: Can u put short films on an acting resume?
I'm an LA Actor giving you the REAL DEAL! Yes, you can put them on your resume. This is how an ACTING resume should be set up: http://i707.photobucket.com/albums/ww80/... RESUME-ALWAYS use the 3 column format! Here's the standard LA format. In NY, it's usually the same but with Theatre being higher up than Film/TV (/ denotes column breaks): At the top and centered: Name (Centered and is largest in font size) Union affiliation (if any) CELL Phone Number Email Far Left side below the top and centered stuff: Height Weight Hair color Eye color Right side opposite of statistics: Agent logo with contact info (sometimes if you have an agent, you can remove your own cell phone and email address. Then weirdos that find your stuff in the dumpster can contact them instead of you) Film Title/(Lead, supporting)/Director Television Title/(Lead, guest star, co-star, regular, Under 5, recurring)/Network Theatre Title/Specific character played/Production company or director depending on who is more prestigious. Commericials ALWAYS put "List available upon request!" Do keep a separate list of the commercials with the Casting directors involved in case an agent asks. Training Skill learned/School or teacher/Location (LA, NY?) OR Skill learned/Teacher/School, Location ie. Cold Reading/Margie Haber/Margie Haber Studios, LA,CA Special Skills/Abilities Be creative with this. When I was starting out and interviewing with agencies, they would usually go straight there and talk about my special talents and even had me demonstrate some of them DON'T: -Put extra work -Put Modeling/Print gigs. You make a separate resume for that. -Lie -Put age. If an agent asks you when you meet with him or her, then tell the truth. It's for legal reasons. ie. Under 18 can't work normal hours and need parent/guardian to sign stuff or you have to be at least 25 to do a beer commercial. -Put your home phone number or address unless you want weirdos coming to your house. -Put dates. It ages you! -Have it separate from your headshot. It should be cut to fit and stapled to the back of your headshot.

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