How can I keep lying to myself more convincingly?

How can I keep lying to myself more convincingly? Topic: Articles on decision making and problem solving
June 17, 2019 / By Alysdare
Question: Hmmm, I am in a pretty bad situation. The question then, is how can I KEEP ON LYING to myself and deny my retarded heart the happiness it so childishly and selfishly wants. Making the decision every fibre of me wants to make will hurt others. Professionals in phsycology and self-help say I am stupid and self-destructive by doing this. There are only articles and things that tell you to STOP lying to yourself - I want the opposite... I cannot hurt those I love. Sacrificing myself, my heart, soul and happiness seems a small price to pay to not hurt them! I am a Christian by the way. The Circus thing sounds cool actually. I am depressed, on 20mg Citalopram/day. And yes, I am trying to do EXACTLY this - I want desperately to put others before me - always have. That is who I am... Thanks for all the answers so far. It's not a problem that can be solved as such. The situation can only be "solved" in one way - but that way will cause a LOT of pain and trauma to others. Lying and decieving myself seems a more noble way to deal with the situation. Obviously, the happiness I am after isn't easily achievable - that boat has sailed. All I want to do, basically, is to kill my inner being, to silence forever my inner voice that is so unhappy. Then, to exist in a shallow state of being until my body departs this world. There are people involved here who are in the grand scheme of things, far more valuable and have more of a right to happiness than I - I cannot hurt them!
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Tiara Tiara | 1 day ago
Self deception and lying to yourself won't solve your problem. You need to ponder over your weaknesses and strengths and use them productively for happy life and good relations with your friends and family and colleagues etc.
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Rosie Rosie
Lying is a valuable coping skill so lose the guilt. We all must lie to survive. if a nazi soldier asked you if you has a jew in the attic, and you did, wouldn't you lie? yes of course. it is good to lie. the truth hurts and does not make you free. It merely passes the burden off to a loved one to tell them the bitter truth. So lie well and often. Practice makes perfect. Try mixing self lies with flattery. The old spoon full of sugar routine. If a lie makes you feel good it will be easier to believe so tell some feel good lies to yourself. repeat often as this too helps to make it more believable. seek out information that supports your lies. Find others who have told same lie. Quote them. Get followers who flatter you and believe you. Avoid critics and truth-lovers. they are a buzz kill for sure. They will harsh your mellow. Any fool can tell the simple truth as they think it is. But it takes a smart caring person to lie well. Besides, many times the so-called truth we believe turns out to be wrong or a lie. So why agonize over accuracy. Just lie lie lie and be happy. After all, we are here a short time and isn't happiness the goal? Learning and believing the truth will not make you happy and spreading it around like poison will only make others unhappy too. SO... be kind. LIE! Take acting courses to perfect your art. Remember, every belief has a lie in the middle ( be-lie-f)
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Myrtle Myrtle
if you are going to lie to yourself then this means you must think of the lie your going to tell yourself and you must never think of the truth again as this will tell your body your lying! although that is how you lie to yourself i must point out to you that those professionals are right. all human beings are selfish and it is rather odd that you would put EVERYBODY else before yourself. I'm not trying to seam really selfish but that's just the way humans are 'survival of the fittest' i must advise you to get the truth out in the open straight away becausse the longer you leave it the more damage you are causing for yourself! once you have told the truth im sure your family will support you and to anyone else who stands in the way will get over it as time passes on! GOOD LUCK! and tell the truth! its unhealthy to do what you are planning!
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Lorelle Lorelle
xians lie to themselves VERY convincingly every day. Join a church to learn at the feet of the masters
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Kat Kat
i might carry off on stepping into yet another relationship yet. i are conscious of it sucks to be on my own, yet there are some themes which you're able to handle before you attempt back. your self-properly worth may be the 1st. You sound like a sturdy guy or woman. sturdy sufficient to sense be apologetic approximately, sturdy sufficient to sense love and the opt for for a similar in return. you're able to attain the you're properly worth being enjoyed no rely how thrilling your existence has been or no longer. one and all is a loser in someones eyes. Its no longer perfect, its only the way the international has enhance into. you're able to end demanding approximately what others think of and locate the winner interior of you. you could not get right into a relationship back with the poor self-properly worth you have. in case you probably did no longer comprehend, it became into your self-properly worth that led to you to lie, pass away, reason her to cry, and made all and sundry around you permit you recognize to F off. people who care approximately you could ultimately become uninterested in seeing you over comprise a foul self-properly worth and melancholy, because of the fact they do no longer see why you sense this style. they do no longer comprehend because of the fact they do no longer see the guy who you have desperate you're. They see a sturdy guy, they see some one that merits love. they do no longer see a loser. for this reason they won't assist you. you could purely help your self. in case you shop working to locate some exhilaration on your existence you're only going to run into the incorrect form of delight. you will look back in purely a pair of years and sweetness what the F exceeded off? that's incredibly not a sturdy course which you have taken! you're able to locate yet another. do no longer permit your self-properly worth reason from now on abuse to others. Im not extra suitable than you. in certainty i became into you no longer too previously. It look me years to attain what Im telling you at present. What they say is real. (You first could love your self, before you could incredibly love yet another.) remember no rely how undesirable the certainty seems. A lie can by no potential make it extra suitable.
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Kat Originally Answered: If Obama was really so sure of a win, why is his side lying so much?
His side is despicable and the way the media is funneling all the inuendos and crack pot gossip is even more despicable. I believe from what I've read and that has been a great deal of information whether from the liberal side of things or the conservative side of things that Obama and his staff will stop at nothing to win and I mean nothing. Take this article that has been proven as true by Snopes...a woman who was campaigning for Obama did not like a response she got from someone she polled so she lied and said that it was a death threat. Hence, the Secret Service was called to her house for interrogation. That my friend is sick. I believe that there are a great many things that we do NOT know about Obama and I believe that his staff and associates are doing a damn good job at covering them up. He has shown a serious lack of judgment as to who he chooses to associate himself with but we do know of several definite and questionable relationships that should call attention to everyone - not just those of us who prefer to do our research. I can call a spade a spade and I don't mean black - he's a bad man, a corrupt man with a value system that does not need to be intermingled with the highest office in this country. We are doomed if this happens. The lying will never stop and he is on the warpath to ruin America from the inside out. Those Americans that help him do this will be destroyers and will get no sympathy from those of us who have tried countless times to warn them.

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