I'm pregnant, how do i tell my parents?

I'm pregnant, how do i tell my parents? Topic: How to write a letter to my boyfriend about our relationship
July 17, 2019 / By Alyster
Question: I'm 15 and pregnant with my steady boyfriends baby. I absolutely deserve whatever names i get called and what people say about me, i know. I had been recently put on the contreceptive pill but irresponsibly i missed one. My boyfriend and I want to keep our baby, however I'm very concerned about how to tell my parents. I'm very close to my mum, and i dont want to have destroyed our relationship. I've had very big plans to be a lawyer and go places in my life, and I'm aware that yes, i probably have messed that up. How do I tell my mum?
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Tibby Tibby | 2 days ago
Take it from somebody that knows how hard teen-motherhood is. I'm twenty-two with three beautiful children, Willow, Elias & Blake. I had Blake at 19, sure enough thats not as young as some however the responsability is still there. I know exactly how your feeling and trust me your not going to feel any better bottling all this up inside. If you can't tell your mum face-to-face, write her a letter. Your not going to be able to get out confrontation, this is a giant thing. Your going to a mother and thats a hard thing to do, undoubtedly so if your on your own without family support. What you need to do is to sit down with your partner and parents and discuss the options. Your career aspirations of lawyer will have to put on stand-still, as a mother its all about sacrafice. I can assure you that when you hold your baby in your arms for the first time, you'll try your upmost hardest to strive for the very best life for baby. Please think long and hard about all the options out there to you, if yuo want this baby then theres nobody in the world to force you otherwise. What I would suggest is to stay in school for as long as is possible, meet your grades and work hard to better yourself. As for your boyfriend, I hope to god he sticks around and supports you, many won't and he more-than-likely won't either however thats just something that happens and you'll need to be strong. If he sticks around, then I can't praise him highly enough, sure he was stupid/irresponsible getting you pregnant as were you however if you can step-up and be a dad, then well done to him. He'll need to find a job to support you both, its not your parents job to be your finicial aid, you've got to be an adult and learn to work around with what you've got. Please just tell your mum, sure she'll be angry/dissapointed at first but your her daughter and she'll love you no matter what. Trust me if my daughter Willow ever got pregnant I'd stand there for her because she's mine and I love her so much. Do you see what I mean? I hope this helps you & best wishes!<3
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If she's 40 weeks and got a negative test they need to confirm the pregnancy with ultrasound. I already had my pregnancy confirmed with ultrasound at 9 weeks and had a negative urinalysis when I transferred to another hospital. It turns out they mixed up my test with a 90 year old patient's. It was an honest mistake, and I most certainly am pregnant. Otherwise, it's always best to stay out of other people's business. This is between the possible parents and who are you to say the baby is probably dead. If I was the mother I'd be pissed that my ex's sibling is sticking her nose in where it doesn't belong. If you are that curious, go with her to an appointment or wait until she delivers. If there's still any question, get a paternity test.

Roslyn Roslyn
You're dreaming. There isn't any technique to magically flip this crisis into well information simply through picking out the correct phrases or the correct time. They are going to freak regardless of how, in which, or whilst you inform them. And they're one hundred% entitled to be very very very irritated. You will simply must sit down there and take it. You will face so much worse than your father and mother' wrath while you are a mom, so that you could as good get used to it. Just pop out with it. "I'm pregnant." Don't make it worse through insulting their intelligence. Making up a script upfront to "give an explanation for" the problem is an insult to their intelligence. Your father and mother realize one hell of plenty extra approximately intercourse and toddlers than you do---they would not have factors from you, simply the expertise and the solutions they deserve. Any makes an attempt for your side to smooth-peddle this are going to be visible as conceited condescension---which it's. Whatever you do, do not you need to be witty or lovely whatsoever. And until you are simply brilliant curious to discover out how tough your mom can slap, do not say whatever even remotely very similar to "s**t occurs." That is all.
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Nadia Nadia
Well I kno you are young but its no reason to feel that you cant succeed in life because of your child. Dont ever say that you cant do something. If you are very close to your mom that should make her want to be there for you and your baby... A way of tellin her is sittin her down as adult...dont smile or laugh nus.get straight to it. Be blunt and tell her that you kno she might be disappointed but you accept responsibility. Your baby days are over sweetie...time to.talk to mom like.a.woman
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Loren Loren
Just tell her upfront nut make sure that you act like an adult. As she is your mum she should support you and your choices, so maybe she will just accept it and help you out :) x
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Kate Kate
Just tell them. They might be disappointed, but that doesn't mean they will stop loving you. You can still be a lawyer. You might have to work harder at it, but you can still do it.
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No lectures? Not my intention to down you, but you're 17(he's 20)ready for a baby and financially stable? Unless you two have high executive jobs at your age or your parents are very wealthy, I find that a bit hard to believe. Having a minimum wage job at say McDonald's or Walmart may help pay some bills and be adequate for a single person, it does not make you financially stable or able to take care of a family(it's expensive these days!). Babies are not cheap and need a lot of care that is going to cost you a lot of money to provide for. Sorry, but at 17(regardless of how responsible you may think you are)you aren't emotionally/mentally ready for a child. Believe me, at 33 it is hard enough being a mom to 3 young ones with the everyday stresses. I can't imagine how that would double being 17. What if your fiance bails after you become pregnant? There is no guarantee he'll stay. Why don't you wait a few years and after you marry, you can revisit having a child. Btw, where are your parents at and why have you been living with your BF for 2 yrs(you lived with him since 15)?

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