Hypochondriac help me please?

Hypochondriac help me please? Topic: Cause in fact case search
June 17, 2019 / By Amaria
Question: well let me start off my weird *** ******* life. a few months ago i had dry mouth i thought i had diabetes cause i had a few of their systems. i went to the hospital for help a nurse told me i was dehydrated i was like wtf? i went to a doctor and he said i didnt have diabetes, he checked my blood so i was like alrighty i searched like every single internet page of my symptoms before. now i thought i had stomach cancer but i didnt have symptoms. searched every page almost dropped a dookie in my pants. Now i think i have brain cancer cause like i have a little dizzyness like sort of like a pounding of dizzyness not all the time. qnd a lil memory prob not really big but like my mom told me to check something outside and i forgot :/ only have two. i should check a doc obviously but i think im a hypochondriac. annoying friends family checking every page its ******* annoying man. help
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Tiffani Tiffani | 4 days ago
I'm one and I appreciate that I am one. whilst any individual begins speaking approximately wellness disorders, I must depart the room or inform them that I';m a hypochondriac, and not to be too specific with me...Cause I'll get the indications. I am psychosomatic too:{
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Rowan Rowan
You aren't a hypocondriac. I sounds like you have OCD. People with this anxiety disorder tend to believe they have conditions that they don't. A hypocondriac just finds excuses to get their hands on medication. Not the same thing. You need to see a psychiatrist or a therapist. I have OCD and sometimes get like that too.
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