Why shouldn't family members marry one another?

Why shouldn't family members marry one another? Topic: Biology homework ideas
June 24, 2019 / By Ambie
Question: More in like the biology parts. for example if there's risks with chromosome structures and stuff , then what are those risks and why are they higher between incest relations ._. sorry, i just need help answering a homework question. the textbook didn't say anything so i have no idea T.T @Janet I'm pretty sure although i missworded the question you could've used your better judgement to actually infer on what i meant.
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Tiffiny Tiffiny | 6 days ago
The assumption of the question is wrong. Marrying and having children together are obviously two different things. People get married and do not make babies together. People make babies together without getting married. It happens everyday, all over the world. MOST children born to close relatives are healthy. Anyone concerned about the risks can get genetic counseling. People shouldn't get married if: 1. They don't want to get married to ANYONE. 2. They havent found a person or people with whom they are fundamentally compatible. But if they WANT to get married and are right for each other, nobody else's hang-ups should be able to stop them.
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Rowena Rowena
Joe is correct. there are many genetic diseases which are recessive, that is to say, that in order to express the disease phenotype the person must inherit two copies of a mutant allele. When you mate with a random person in the population, chances are that this person would not have the same recessive mutant alleles as you, and your children would not develop any recessive diseases (of course, it all depends on the prevalence of such disease in the population, but chances are that it is less likely). When you mate with a relative, as you share genetic alleles, there is a higher chance that you both have a mutant allele for a disease and thus a greater risk that the offsprings have a recessive condition. Hope that helped.
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Nancy Nancy
inbreeding; remember that there are 2 copies of each gene, if one gene has a defect the other one can take over and perform normal functions. inbreeding increases the risk that both genes will have a defect.
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