What are my rights as a renter who has discovered chinese drywall?

What are my rights as a renter who has discovered chinese drywall? Topic: Time management research articles
June 17, 2019 / By Ambrose
Question: My family and I recently rented a house that we are almost positive has Chinese drywall. The landlord has given as a condition report and with our inspection we have found black copper wires that contain corrosion. We also had a specialist come in and verify our suspicions. This has me deeply concerned as we have a 7 year old with respiratory problems, a new born and two dogs. I'm not entirely sure what my rights are in this situation. Ideally, we would like to get back our security deposits and rent for the first month as well as request temporary relocation until we find another suitable location of residence at the property managements expense. Am I out of line by asking this from our landlord? We were never disclosed any information on this and we are very concerned with the health of our loved ones. We have only lived here for 9 days but we have signed a lease already so we are concerned that we are stuck living in these hazardous conditions. The reason that I stated that I am almost positive is because we have researched Chinese drywall by watching videos, reading articles, conducting tests, and comparing images of copper wire from a home with defective drywall to our copper wire. I am not an expert so I will not state that I am 100% positive at this time. The specialist that I mentioned was a home inspector for another realty agency and he did a few tests of his own and stated that he is certain that we are living in a home with defective drywall. We have contacted the property management by email asking them if they would be able to provide us with a health inspector to properly identify if we are in fact living in a home with Chinese drywall but have not heard a response. The home inspector/realtor told us that the property management is held liable for the defective drywall as well as relocating us since under Florida law our landlord must provide a healthy living space. The condition report I spoke of was a sheet prov
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Tikva Tikva | 7 days ago
have your landlord contact the lawyers from the class action suit about the chinese drywall . it may cover YOUR costs . isn't free trade agreements great ? we get inexpensive goods from china , along with the bed bug epidemic from the imported clothes , melamine plastic in their baby formula to fake a higher protein content , fake meds , lead , phthalates , and cadmium in children's toys , and wall board that rots plumbing and wiring . and a trade balance that is off by a trillion dollars , not in our favor . free trade is not free , it costs millions of jobs . congress voted them in , congress can vote them OUT .
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Rowina Rowina
you said you were ALMOST positive it has Chinese drywall. What do you mean with "our inspection". Corrosion is different than Chinese drywall. You said you had a "specialist" come in, what does that mean? Was it a county inspector? You can be concerned all you want but if it's not been proven and on paper then you have no recourse if you break your lease. Did you check that the home was built during the time Chinese drywall was prevalent (the certain years)(after 2001 so if the home was built before then there is no Chinese drywall), are other homes in the area built with Chinese drywall? Who was the builder, did you check with the builder? I think you're incorrect, over concerned but can say that now that you have it in your mind it's going to bother you a lot eventually. No one is going to pay to temporarily relocate you. If you wish you could ask the landlord if the home had been checked for Chinese drywall AFTER you have checked the year, the builder and know other people in the area have had the same problem. Usually when there's something like Chinese drywall a whole street of homes were built at the same time and not just one. When you press for home problems you're minding someone else's business and eventually causing problems. If there is NOT any Chinese drywall then you could get evicted and MIGHT be required to reimburse the landlord till they find new tenants. "The emissions from Chinese drywall, which have the odor of rotten eggs, worsen as temperature and humidity rise" "Copper pipes, wiring, and air conditioner coils are affected, as well as silver jewelry. Homeowners have reported a variety of symptoms, including respiratory problems such as asthma attacks, chronic coughing and difficulty breathing, as well as chronic headaches and sinus issues" So is your landlord coughing, having asthma, headaches? You never mentioned any odor. "Copper turns black due to corrosion." Look it up on Yahoo search. I do not think you are "stuck" living in any "hazardous" conditions. I think you're just edgy because you have a family.
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Nanette Nanette
Being "almost positive" is not sufficient. You would actually need to have documentation proving the house is uninhabitable. Copper wires with corrosion? Unless this rises to the level of posing a respiratory risk for someone without respiratory problems, you would not even be entitled to break your lease. The fact that your son has respiratory problems isn't the measure to determine habitability UNLESS the lease you signed specifically noted a guarantee that the property would be free of respiratory triggers/issues. Your security deposit, assuming it is a refundable damage deposit, could be returned to you (assuming the landlord agrees to let you out of the lease). But there is absolutely no way you would be entitled to live there rent free for a month over what you have described. (The only time I have seen a tenant even get a 50% refund on monthly rent is when there are significant plumbing or electrical issues.) If I was your attorney I would probably tell you to forget about getting anything above and beyond the return of your damage deposit. You are not entitled to live their rent-free. You are not entitled to be relocated. You are not entitled to have the landlord pay for any costs associated with your relocation. The focus I would be directing you toward would be breaking the lease without causing you to have to pay any more to do it. The angle I would suggest you take would be toward making a disability based accommodation request for the seven year old - assuming his pediatrician/allergy specialist will be willing to help. Accomodation requests have to be reasonable and can't be too unduly burdensome on the landlord - but you can certainly request the replacement of the the copper wires based on the respiratory risks they pose to your child. Unless you can prove the wires pose a risk to an average person, this will likely be too unduly burdensome on the landlord and he will have no real choice but to decline to provide this as an accommodation. You can then ask to be released from the lease. At this point, the landlord may well decide you are potentially more trouble than you are worth to keep you as a tenant and will hopefully allow you to break the lease without financial penalty. But, I'm sorry - I do understand the need to advocate for a child with respiratory issues because I have a 9 year old with severe asthma - but your proposed list of demands is very unreasonable.
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Lori Lori
Drywall and sheetrock are a similar factor. There are categories of wallboards. Sheetrock is 3/8" or a million/2" thick. it is roofed with gray paper and is made out of gypsum. it is used for customary purpose wall and ceiling shape. Seams are taped and seams and screw holes are lined with joint compound, to Prep for portray. eco-friendly board is a million/2" basically. It has a eco-friendly paper and is likewise noted as MR board. it is the Moisture Resistant version and is utilized in Kitchen and tub purposes. hearth code Sheetrock is 5/8" and is needed between a house and related storage, and different particular cases. Blue board, or plasterboard is a million/2" board, with a blue paper conceal. This board is designed to settle for an entire plaster skim coat. All boards are maximum frequently available in 4 x 8 sheets. Drywall grant shops will additionally sell bigger sizes, like 4x 10 and four x 12.
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Katey Katey
Unless there is clearly deterioration in the wall that was not disclosed to you before you rented, then I really do not think you can get out of your lease. It's a product that is not illegal to have in rentals and as far as I know, no building codes are being violated just merely by it's presence. However, I would speak to an attorney.
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