Name someone who displayed? how did they display it?

Name someone who displayed? how did they display it? Topic: Williams case schools
July 16, 2019 / By Amitai
Question: Name someone who displayed ...? how did they display it? freedom of religion freedom of press freedom of assembly the right to petition example: freedom of speech: martin luther because he spoke for what he believed and that was that african americans and whites should be equal
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Tillie Tillie | 1 day ago
You mean "Martin Luther KING" freedom of religion... Roger Williams, who was himself verbally attacked, was banished from Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1635 for objecting to the entanglement of religion and government that, he believed, corrupted both. He founded Rhode Island as the first government in history with no established religion and a commitment to protect liberty of conscience for every person. freedom of press... Often seen as the cornerstone of American press freedom, the successful defense of John Peter Zenger, publisher of the New York Weekly Journal, by illustrious Philadelphia lawyer Andrew Hamilton guarantees the right of the news media to criticize public officials and use truth as a defense against libel. freedom of assembly... The NAACP stood up for their rights to assemble against the opinion of the governor of Alabama. The case went to the Supreme Court and the NAACP won the case. the right to petition... During the civil rights movement, for example, the Supreme Court upheld the rights of several groups of individuals protesting segregation at public institutions such as libraries and schools, and ruled that these citizens had every right to express their rights under the petition clause.
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I would have to aggree with thayerslair, if it is displayed as art, why not? The problem with that is of course, there are always special cases. How about the permanent exhibition of only art of one religious persuasion in public places? Should there be a circulation of art on different religions (even if we have to commission some of it)? Should we not allow permanent exhibitions at all? It is rather sad that these days people seem to get insulted by religious imagery showing depictions not of their faith.
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Roxanne Roxanne
Freedom of religion - Frederick William,Elector of Brandenburg.He introduced a policy of religious toleration in his lands while he was ruler,from 1640-1688. Freedom of the Press - all the papers that printed Wkilleaks info from Julian Assange. Freedom of Assembly - the Chartists in 19th century England.They held mass political rallies even when these were made illegal. Right of petition - The Olive Branch Petition of 1775,authorized by the Continental Congress and sent to King George III of Britain by American colonists.
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