Based on a true story, based on actual events?

Based on a true story, based on actual events? Topic: Newspaper writers are called
July 17, 2019 / By Amittai
Question: Why do movies that are based on true stories and actual events still have "any similarities to actual events or situations or actual people are purely coincidental" in the credits? The same thing happens with movies that writers and directors even confirm that they were inspired by something they read, saw on the news or read in the newspaper. The original "Final Destination" comes to mind; the writer said he read something in the paper about a woman being warned not to board a plane because her mother called her and told her that she felt that it was going to explode and sure enough it did, yet in the credits of "Final Destination" it says any similarities to actual events are purely coincidental. Why do they do that?
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Tilly Tilly | 2 days ago
The John Ford movie They Were Expendable portrayed a PT Boat squadron during the Phillipine campaign. The actors portrayed real people and two of them sued after the movie was released saying the movie portrayed them too closely. After that the disclaimer has been added to all movies based on real life incidents.
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Tilly Originally Answered: Do u believe the story of the exorcism of Emily Rose?Where can I find the true story that the film is based on
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Roxie Roxie
A True Story is usually a single story about a person or a family or a community. It's telling the story of that event with a bit of dramatic licence thrown in to keep everyone interested. A story based on Actual Events may combine several different stories into a single movie since any one event would not be considered sufficient to carry the whole movie. The True Story may also vary very little from the true events. Anything with "based" in the description means that more dramatic licence has been taken. The movie, "The Hunt for Red October" differed enough from the actual book by Tom Clancy that the titles included the phrase "Based on the book by Tom Clancy". It meant that they didn't have to follow it exactly This can be to budgetary constraints or physical constraints - even CGI cannot reproduce everything.
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Natalee Natalee
most writers get inspiration from real life or previous movies televisions and books. in order to use a real live person as the subject in at movie you have to get written permission from them. thats why the disclaimer is in the end of final destination. really all the writer did was elaborate on the idea of being able to see some ones death in the future. in alot of recent horror movies they have been saying they were based on "actual events". such as the remake of texas chainsaw massacre. i am from texas and a big fan of those films and i can tell you that the only thing about the remake that was based on an actual event was the making of the original movie. its just a gimmick that they like to use these days. when they say based on a true story that means that there where dramatic elements added in that are not true in order to make the movie flow better and give it a correct story structure. they will try anything these days to get peeps to the theater. i wouldn't be suprised if avatar started out by saying based on true events.
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Natalee Originally Answered: My Son has written a short story based off a story he found which was published in 1939.? Is this legal?
Most everyone will "update" a novel. I'm not sure what exactly you mean, like did he write a new book that branches from the novel he found or did he completely revamp the original piece for modern times? If it's the first, he just needs to give credit to the author for the original novel and make sure others understand it's a separate work. If it's the second, it can be considered plagiarism if it is done without the author's consent, regardless of the time the copyright ended. For this, I'd speak with a publisher for the legalities. The copyright may have expired or it may have not, but either way he still needs to give credit to the original author. Even authors like "Pride and Prejudice with Zombies" it still reads as "A Jane Austin Novel."

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