Why is everyone so concerned with the Ebola virus?

Why is everyone so concerned with the Ebola virus? Topic: Problem solving in medical field
June 17, 2019 / By Ammihud
Question: The medical field has eradicated diseases before and it can do it again. All this panic solves nothing. I don't trust the CDC either, I just don't understand why everyone is overly panicked. It's a horrible disease, but does no one have faith in Medicine anymore? I live in the suburbs of Dallas, so it's not as if I'm far away or anything.
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Best Answers: Why is everyone so concerned with the Ebola virus?

Tirzah Tirzah | 6 days ago
It's partly because every time the CDC tells us the Ebola problem is under control, someone else contracts it and exposes a bunch of other people. The CDC apparently is more concerned with preventing panic than preventing a pandemic.
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Rozanne Rozanne
My understanding is that Ebola has a very high death rate for those who catch it. Although people are working on it (Zmapp), there is no cure. Most people don't survive the virus (about 70% die) or about 7 in 10. The only way to stop it from spreading is to quarantine those who are exposed. It is a very sad situation.
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Nehushta Nehushta
F-U I live 1 and a half hours away from GROUND-ZERO. You Sir may kiss my fat-***. IN MY OPINION YOU ARE A CURSE UPOU SOCIETY. MY president has cursed us on the back 9 ( a golf Euphesinisium) That Dick of a President is ABSENT on domestic affairs unless it involves his boot either increasing the pressure upon our throat or decreasing the pressure upon our throat. if I haven't said that our President is ineffectual in this soon to be crisis, let me say it now ...this man is worthless.
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Lottie Lottie
Because the medical field can't stop it. It is here now and it is going to spread just like the flu.
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Kathleen Kathleen
Go then I'll go get my AIDS shot. 6 dead and over 600 hospitalized so far from a "mystery respiratory disease" coming from unaccompanied Latin American children (CDC REPORT August 2013) that is not being "handled". We're "concerned" because we don't want it here... If this disease ends up in Latin America, what do you think will happen then? It will walk across our border undetected and among us. Anf THAT is how epidemics start... "don't panic" and "trust your government"... listen to these idiots closely: "stopping sick people from flying will not keep the disease from here" wtf?
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