Does anyone know where I can find lined stationery?

Does anyone know where I can find lined stationery? Topic: Ways to write on black paper
June 17, 2019 / By Amon
Question: Does anyone know where I can find casual lined stationery? I like to write thank you notes, so I would like to have matching envelopes if possible. I have a really hard time writing on paper without lines, and my writing is hard to read also, so the lines really help me. Thank you.
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Best Answers: Does anyone know where I can find lined stationery?

Titty Titty | 8 days ago
This site has some pretty cool designs! http://www.finestationery.com/search.cfm... I kind of liked this and I think it matches what you're asking for: http://www.finestationery.com/product.cf... Also, but less cute: http://www.americanstationery.com/shoppi... What I would do is find some thinner stationary and use notebook paper or use the thicker stationary and print out a page with very bold and dark black lines that would show through. That way your writing looks better, but without you looking like you need lines to write. Good luck!
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Rubie Rubie
Chose something you like. Draw dark lines on a second sheet of paper or an index card. Slip the "cheater" behind the sheet of paper or into the envelope and you will be able to see the lines as you write. The results will be that you are extremely level handed!
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Neilina Neilina
But have you tried Dollar Tree or somethin of the equivalent? My mom and I frequent the Dollar Tree and she has come away with some really nice stationary products--she's actually purchased several stationary sets with cards and paper in them and, of course, matching envelopes. What she just recently bought has flowers of different varieties on it. Pluse, you can't really beat the price in this economy--$1 for 8 notecards and envelopes or you can purchase a pad of stationary with like 60 sheets in it for $1 and get a seperate box of matching envelopes--16 for $1. If all else fails, check the stationary department at your local Wal-Mart, Target, or equivalent store. Good luck!!
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Lou Lou
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