What is a Bankruptcy Specialist?

What is a Bankruptcy Specialist? Topic: Case specialist
June 17, 2019 / By Amory
Question: I have an interview with a major company and really don't know much about the position. What kind of salary does a Bankruptcy Specialist make?
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Toni Toni | 9 days ago
It depends on the position description and your skills. "Bankruptcy Specialist" can describe anything from a call center employee who answers incoming calls or makes repo calls (about $10/hr, usually with few or no benefits, and highly stressful) to a corporate attorney who may make $100,000/yr and up. A mid-range type of position described as a "Bankruptcy Specialist" might work for a financial institution that makes loans. Lenders are required to stop all collection efforts immediately when somebody who owed them money files bankruptcy, and most lenders have a separate bankruptcy department that handles the accounts of customers who have filed bankruptcy. In such a department, a Bankruptcy Specialist might be responsible for ensuring that all bankruptcy laws are followed with respect to customers who have filed bankruptcy - for example, ceasing all collections efforts, communicating with the debtor's attorney rather than with the debtor directly, filing Motions for Relief from Stay in bankruptcy cases where they are indicated, filing claims by the claims deadline in bankruptcy cases, etc. Depending on your knowledge of bankruptcy laws and independence in performing your responsibilities, you could expect this type of position to pay somewhere around the median salary for your state. Some attorneys also hire "Bankruptcy Specialists" who may prepare bankruptcy cases (under the direction of an attorney). These people usually have paralegal or legal assistant credentials, and the pay can range from relatively low (in very small law offices) to pretty good (working for a large law firm in a big city which files corporate bankruptcies as well as consumer bankruptcies). Hope this is helpful.
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If you are not worried about your credit score, I would file for the bankruptcy and go to school and start working on your future earnings. To me, it makes no sense to sink the money you have saved into paying off the debt when you can not pay it all off and it will leave you completely broke. The business degree will help you out in the long term by opening better employment chances for you. However, remember, your credit score it tied to almost EVERYTHING you do, including employment (most of the top reputable companies now, especially in business, run credit background checks as well as criminal ones) so you need to keep that in mind. It does not just have to do with you getting a car loan.
Toni Originally Answered: I need some advise on bankruptcy?
I just did a ch. 7 bk, and it was the best thing I could have done. I was sick and tired of making banks richer as I go more poor. They were opening Citibank parks, and different stadiums with the banks names all around me. How do you think I felt seeing the banks take ALL my hard earned money and buying giant sporting event stadiums?? I had no money for food, or anything. I paid these companies 10 times or more over throughout the years. Enough is enough!! I didn't care what others said about how awful a bk is, (they are not living my life). I can sleep at night now and pay for everything with cash. The lawyer for my bk. understood I couldn't pay for the bk. in full up front, so he took installment payments. Any questions please feel free to email me at [email protected] Good luck.
Toni Originally Answered: I need some advise on bankruptcy?
I understand your situation. First, you already have horrible credit. It's not going to help you that much to pay these debts off. Also, you need the money to survive. Call a bankrupty attorney and investigate your options. I think you are a great candidate for Chapter 7, which would discharge all of your credit card debts. You have to be completely honest with your lawyer and the judge about your assets. It's not worth getting into trouble. Good luck.

Rubina Rubina
In your case this site can be very helpful CREDIT-AND-FINANCE.COM- RE What is a Bankruptcy Specialist? I have an interview with a major company and really don't know much about the position. What kind of salary does a Bankruptcy Specialist make?
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