Traffic citation 23 miles over speed limit.complicated situation because I'm going out of town soon?

Traffic citation 23 miles over speed limit.complicated situation because I'm going out of town soon? Topic: California case study
June 17, 2019 / By Amos
Question: I received a ticket for going 88 miles per hour in a 65 mph zone. My court date is in a month and a half, in the beginning of July but I will be out of town on Travel Study with my university from late June to the middle of August. My traffic citation won't be filed until three weeks from now, they say, and I need to make sure that they let me extend my court date (if it's mandatory) more than 30 days as I won't be here in the beginning of August. I would also like to complete traffic school. My questions are: How much would the ticket cost? Would I need to appear in court? Is it mandatory? (I wasn't going 25 miles over the speed limit...just 23) Can I pay the ticket and all accompanying fines and just go to traffic school? When does the 90 day deadline for traffic school start? From the date of the ticket, from the date I received the courtesy notice, or from my court appearance date? Can I take traffic school online? If so, may I fax the completion certificate because I won't be in the area? Will they let me not appear in court at all because I am a student enrolled in Travel Study? Thank you so much for your help. This is my first citation and it's complicated because it takes forever for cases to be sent to the traffic court and stuff and I'm leaving and all... i live in california the cop did say that i could extend the court date or pay in the mail but i keep getting other answers saying that there is a mandatory appearance. and then i heard that it just says that...? like the court clerk let them off the hook
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Tony Tony | 10 days ago
In my state if the fine is less than 24mph over the limit - you could just pay in the mail. You forgot to mention your state, as you can imagine they are all different. In my state about $300. A school or work zone is $675. In my state if you commit a misdemeanor crime (25mph over the limit) you then sign a court summons, which is a solemn oath to appear in court. You might be able to hire an attorney to appear on your behalf without actually showing up. Obviously you will need to check your state laws. If that is not the case, you will have to pass on the travel study program this year and try again later.
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Tony Originally Answered: I can't find any fine amounts on a traffic citation I just got. How do I know if I have to pay any fines?
Firewomen is right call the court, they can advise. Your personal appearance is not always needed unless you plan to contest the charge and submit your testimony to support your innocence. Oherwise it is pay the fine and sign that you are entering a plea of guilty. In my state this is a non-moving violation and does not count as points against your license. If I was a level 2 I would have voted thumbs up on Firewomens answer...LOL

Ruby Ruby
1. If you received a speeding ticket, then the amount of the fine should be right on the citation. Did you receive a CRIMINAL citation (for reckless driving or something related)? 2. If you received a speeding ticket, this is an infraction and it should provide you with a dollar amount and an address to mail in your check. If you were issued a criminal citation, then your appearance is required. EVERY jurisdiction is different. YOU are the one who received the ticket. WHAT does the ticket say? What did the officer say when he gave you the ticket? When I give an infraction, I tell the person they have three options and I show them on the ticket where it explains this. If it is a mandatory court appearance, I tell them this. Although anything is possible, it would be very unusual that you would be able to extend your court date.
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Nell Nell
you're in a jam and you'd be inconvenienced. you presently could desire to write an project-free letter to the clerk of the courtroom referencing the citation and pointing out once you would be abroad and asking on your courtroom date be deferred till after such and such date. To could take the letter to courtroom and ask for a receipt or acknowledgment of your request. you could no longer evaluate mailing this kind of request as Courts are infamous for dropping correspondence and in case you omit the a courtroom date your license would be suspended. The courtroom could supply your request and mail to you a sparkling date to look. i latterly won an analogous fee tag in southern Virginia and my nice replaced into $154. i replaced into on the interstate at 5 am and there replaced into no person else on the line as quickly as I exceeded a hidden state trooper with a radar device. Now I rigidity with speed administration engaged whilst i'm on my own on the line. Ask the courtroom clerk with regard to the utilising college. each and every jurisdiction has their very own techniques and rules with regards to college. good success. Have a solid college semester foreign places.
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Nell Originally Answered: Can I request a new hearing without an appeal? It's for a traffic citation & attny no- showed?
If the attorney was sent a copy of the trial notice and did not show, it makes no difference why he did not show up. I would demand that he not only return your retainer fee but that he also pay the fine and the extra insurance charge you will be facing. He is guilty of malpractice. Let him know that you will be contacting the Bar Association and then do so. I know an attorney here in Michigan whose license to practice was suspended for 30 days for exactly what you are talking about. He had to send a registered letter to every one of his clients notifying them that he was suspended and advising them that they might have to find other counsel. Referral to the State Bar ***'n is a powerful tool.

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