Should i buy OR rent OR NOT get any college textbooks?

Should i buy OR rent OR NOT get any college textbooks? Topic: Buy college assignments online
June 17, 2019 / By Amoz
Question: Hi! Honestly, I want to save money and I am low on money right now. I considered renting my books which is the cheapest way to go. I was researching online and found that i could download one of my textbooks off the internet. Then i went to my univerisity's website and found that they have the textbooks there, so I was thinking I could borrow them from the library instead of buying them at all. It might be inconvenient, but I think it will be worth it, does that sound like a good idea??? Also do you know of any sites that might have textbooks online for free viewing? thank you!
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Tonya Tonya | 1 day ago
if you can borrow from the library.... it might be for the whole semester.. usually there is a 2 week time-frame that you are allowed... get with the library & ask them our school does not have current textbooks in the library... so this is not an option for us.... another school has a maximum of 2 weeks & if not returned, then an enormous fee is posted to your student account & often the ones at the library are not even the current edition that the classroom is using sites that would offer textbooks for free viewing would be violating publisher's copyrights, so I doubt you are going to find any site that offers you more than a peek at a few chapters if the library has books... then this could buy you time until you get your fin aid refund (if you are expecting one) the best option is to rent from places like chegg, amazon, etc... sometimes, when you rent from chegg (the one I have experience with), you can see the first several chapters online... this way, you can order the book for rent (or purchase) and still work on your assignments while waiting on your book
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Rubye Rubye
My school doesn't allow you to actually check out textbooks that are being used. You can use them in the library for a little while, but that's it. I recommend buying used books whenever possible. Check local used book shops, amazon, barnes and noble, etc. I personally see no point in renting. It's not much cheaper than just buying the books and what if you accidentally lose or damage them?
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Nella Nella
If I were you, I would look tru used textbooks first since it will save you more money. I look for used textbooks too if possible because new textbooks, as you know, are expensive. For those with access codes, I suggest just buy the book. Don't buy it until the first or second day of classes. Ask your professor if you really need it cos sometimes you really don't need them. Actually you can ask people if they still have the access codes for their books. I'm not sure if you could still use it tho.
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Louisa Louisa
Renting is cheaper up front, just be cautious about due dates because there are hefty late fees. But with buying USED textbooks, it's cheaper than buy new and you can get money back by selling them when you're done. You also have the choice to keep the textbook (if it would be beneficial later on). I usually buy my textbooks off of Amazon because they're cheaper and I get free shipping (because I'm a student). Getting student benefits on Amazon is free and simple! Just follow the steps on this link: http://www.amazon.com/gp/student/signup/... Hope this helps!
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Katlyn Katlyn
First option should always be borrow from a library or friend. If you decide to download it, search book title pdf free ebook torrent downloads and etc... you can find it if it's a popular book. Also if you want search solution manual or instructor manual to make life easier. If you have no choice buy the book and resell it on amazon and half dot com. Good luck.
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